Wärfear/Braincëll-Brainfeär split 7"

Here we got an amazing record: Brainfeär is a split 7" with Wärfear and Braincëll, both bands come from Malaysia and the record was co-released by Hardcore Hell and Deleted Records.
Wärfear hail from Malacca and members carry a history in bands such as Antiprotokol, Melarat, Kerenaneko, Osmantikos, Grin(d)amage and Demisor, this is their first vinyl release after the amazing demo tape from 2016 and the recent split live tape with Parötid. Here they contribute two songs of metallic crust blending the melody and the crust heaviness of Wolfpack with the '90's Anti Cimex guitar work: Heavy, metallic guitar sound with melodic yet epic lines, rough shouted vocals that makes you stand up and sing the lyrics and excellent sound quality. Everything is perfect here and i wish only there were more songs, the band is so good and the five minutes of their side are not enough for my ears.
On the other side we got Braincëll who released the great Mindlock tape in 2016 and that was released as 7" with one extra song by Tampere Hardcore in 2018. Here they deliver three songs of noisy 90's UK crust blending Doom and Extinction of Mankind in an amazing way by bringing distorted guitar and bass while the deep low throatty vocals reminding of Extreme Noise Terror.
All and all this is a great record and both bands deliver the goods in a brilliant release. Brainfeär is available from Hardcore Hell and Deleted Records and directly from the bands and also for streaming in bandcamp. Artwork by Yeap the Human Warhead.
Wärfear is four piece band now, next work for them is a split 7" with Singapore's punk vets Protest and a split cassette with their country mates  Emerged and for Braincëll next comes a split 7" with Zikade from Japan. Can't wait for these!

Wärfear side bandcamp
Braincëll side bandcamp
Hardcore Hell
Deleted Rec.s

Despair-Visions of the Inferno LP

One more LP posted here, an amazing record from a now defunct band who brought this masterpiece a year ago, so get ready for some absolut Discharge worship now: Despair were a rather  short lived D-beat band from Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, the band was formed in 2015 by members of  Decontrol, Total War, Dodsfalla, Genogeist, Dead Hunt and Suss-Law and  they released a 9 track demo tape in 100 copies, the demo was sold quickly and its hard to find a copy now, then we had to wait three year until this belter came out:
Visions Of The Inferno is the one and only official release of Despair, it was released in 2018 by Brain Damage in 500 copies, 350 black and 150 blue vinyls, it was mastered by Kenko (No Security, Dischange, Meanwhile etc) at Communichaos Clay Station and comes in old school artwork reminding of the old Discharge releases and the music is exactly the same: The record consists of eight tracks that last eighteen minutes and deliver old school D-beat coming straight from the days of Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing and Never Again: Old school guitar sound, followed by muffled bass lines and a singer who tries to sing like Cal. Its obvious the band got into the studio just to bring this old spirit,  they managed to capture the vibe and delivered the goods.
All and all, Despair was a band formed by some guys who got together and wanted to bring something that sounds like the old Discharge records and the result is truly amazing. Visions of the Inferno is still available from several distros around the globe (Profane Existence, Sorry State, Soap ans Spikes, Puke n Vomit,Vox Nihili etc etc). There is not any official site of the band, members continue in other bands.


Languid-Resist Mental Slaughter LP/tape

Ok, this is not seven inch but no big deal, its good record, great enought to listen it again and again without getting bored, so here it is, a new post after one and a half year.
There are myriads of Discharge clones,an endless parade of mumerous bands that tried to copy the spirit and feeling of Discharge all these decades since the D-beat fathers founded the genre.Many of them managed to release great records. Dischange was one of them, they released if not the best, maybe one of the top Discharge clone records ever and 25 years after the release of Seeing Feeling Bleeding, Languid from Canada unleashed a record probably trying to catch the Discharge vibe, a record which captures perfectly the  feeling of Dischange. Languid come from Edmonton, they haven't any facebook no any other site, just a bandcamp page. They started in winter 2014 and members carry a history in bands such as Tarantuja, Messiahlator, Total War, Geister, Unearn and others. Resist Mental Slaughter was recorded in Octomber 2015 and apart from this they have a 4 track demo and No Solace In The Future's Void A Hellish Oblivion 7" under  their belt. Resist.. was self-released in 2017 as vinyl in 500 cospies and Hardcore Hell  from Malaysia released it as cassette in 2018. Listeners not familiar with the band might be confused by the epic cover artwork made by Andy from Vastation, Effluxus and Darkwood Design and maybe expect some War crust/Stenchcore and not some old school D-beat, but hey, Anti Cimex did the same with Scandinavian Jawbreaker and Country Of Sweden covers. The songs were recorded and mixed by Derek Orthner from Begrime Exemious, Kenko from Dischange and  Meanwhile did the mastering at Communichaos Media Clay Station. The inner sleeve delivers the lyrics and poster of front cover artwork. Lyrics are included in the tape version as well.
The music on vinyl and tape surface lasts nearly 22 minutes and delivers D-beat hardcore punk at its finest: Catchy guitar riffs and distorted bass, D-beat driving force and rough vocals, and if this description sounds generic let me tell you this the voice complexion and the guitar sound seem to come from an alternative recording of Seeing Feeling Bleeding. The whole record is interesting, all songs stand in same level and the band manages to avoid repetitiveness and boring shit by bringing smart ideas and nice riffs. The sound quality is the typical for the genre bringing the raw heaviness needed and the vocals are nicely placed.
All and all, the record delivers the goods, its interesting from the first to the last riff and never let you down,  there is nothing to complain and stands well among the many D-beat releases that see the light of day every year. The band maybe has some copies of vinyl or you can dig it since pops up here and there.


Final Bloodbath-st 7" (2002, Paank Levyt Records)

Here we go again, still here and breathing the poison of collapsing system, It was blog's birthday a few days ago, we have grown up and become ten years old, it seems like yesterday when this started and was supposed to last a few weeks or months but people embraced it and that was the force to continue. I can't imagine how things will be in ten years from now (much more worse i guess, in all levels) but i hope to continue as long as i can.
Final Bloodbath were a short lived D-beat act from Japan, they started in early '00's and their discograpy includes two ep's, the one we got here on Paank Levyt and Dead or Alive on Crust War Records, both released in 2002. There are also two tapes, Live At Club Doctor, Tokyo Mar. 6th, 2001 and Dead or Alive, both self-released in 2001 or so. Black Konflik Records from Malaysia released a nine track cassette in 2016, containing both ep's. In 2003 they shortened their name to Final and released the Grow Strong/Empty 7" (Crust War). I don't know if members were involved with other bands so any help is appreciated.
D-beat lovers probably know this band and for those who do no know i bet they have understood whats goin on because of the band's name, the Discharge font and the typical for the genre black and white cover artwork: Final Bloodbath were a Discharge clone and their two 7"s could have been recorded back in early '80's in some Discharge's recording session. The record comes in beautiful clear white vinyl and consists of five tracks of old school D-beat, the singer shouts in English, lyrics and some special thanx are printed inside the cover. The noise lasts for 8:30". The name change from Final Bloodbath to Final also marked the change to their music, actually Final is a completely different band: Grow Strong/Empty ep is a piece of thrashy hardcore close to Broken Bones and has nothing to do with the early Discharge worship of Final Bloodbath releases. Needless to say thi is out of print but you can find it in ebay or discogs in reasonable prices.
Paank Levyt  was active from mid '90's to mid '00's and released several 7" records including  releases of Wind of Pain, Força Macabra and Exithippies.
Too much shit typed, end it here.


Polis ​Äckel-Security shutdown 7" (2016 Imminent Destruction)

Back from the grave for a while and the reason is this amazing vinyl. I don't kow how many will discover this since the blog is dead since spring 2014, this is not a come back for regular updates, if there will be any it will be about new records and since i felt the need to post this vinyl here, lets roll it: Anarchist raw punks Polis ​Äckel strike again with Security Shutdown an eight track 7 inch vinyl, released by Imminent Destruction. For those who are not familiar with the band, Polis ​Äckel come from Marche region near Ancona and Ascoli, they started in late 2014 and their name means "disgust the police", there is a brief interview in Maximum Rock n Roll, you can read it here. Their first cassette Wolrdwide Death Culture was a great shit of raw punk and Security Shutdown follows the same pathway: '8 new tracks of fast, raw and chaotic anger! As furious and nihilistic lyrically as they are musically, following on from where their 10 track demo from last year left off, the intensity is raised further with these new recordings, blending Disclose, Shitlickers, Frigora,Anti Cimex, Maquina Muerta etc' they deliver a sonic chaos, distorted and primitive raw punk simillar to Electric Funeral, Paranoid, Death Dust Extractor, Disease, Life Chain, Disguise and the likes. What makes a difference here is the lyrics: Polis ​Äckel deliver socio-political-anaechist lyrical content instead of the usual anti-war polemic verses calling for social revolt, fiery as their music. As epilogue: This band delivers the goods and is among the best raw punk bands coming out of Italy i can only compare them with Kompott. Security Shutdown is available from Imminent Destruction and also in bandcamp for streaming

Imminent Destruction

VA-No Hesitation to Resist 2 7" (2003,Forest Records)

This is another post that makes me feel weird and have some deja vu since i started working on it about two years ago as i was planning to post it in march 2012 and the day of first anniversary of Fukushima disaster, it was nearly a year after the insident and the flow of news in mass media had removed this tragedy from front line pages and more or less we had forgotten what happened and somehow in my mind i slightly related this record with this tragedy because of the cover artwork (gasmasks and radiation uniforms, ok there are weapons too so this is all just bullshit) and since the bands come from Japan....this is the lousy excuse for this post:
Anyway, No Hesitation to Resist was a 10 inch compilation, released in 1999 by Forest Records and included some glorious names of Japanese scene such as Battle of Disarm, Effigy, Disclose and Beyond Description and some lesser known bands, Truth of Arise, Äpärät, Victims of Greed and others, this gem  was followed a few years later by a second part, this time in seven inches and the bands included were not as glorious as these in Pt1 but still deliver the goods: Peaceful Collapse, Kampfer, Discript, Criminal, Agree to Differ and C.P.S.
I know only a few info about the bands collected from internet, Discript stands as the most known or "known as related with" since they were a side project of Beyond Description members and their split 7" with Y on German label Anomie Records from 1995 is long long time out of print, Peaceful Collapse were active duning late '90's and early '00's and had a couple of cdr and tape releases, some of them were posthumous releases of old material  in 2010-11, they also appeared in several Crust Night series comp. of Tribal War Asia, Agree to Differ had only a double split 7" with Change on FFT Label in 2002,
Kampfer is totally with out any trace on the web, (according to Discogs. com a band named Kampfer was in Fear Candy 59 cd comp of Terrorizer mag in 1995 but don't take this info for real, this comp. includes Amon Amarth, Benediction, Iced Earth and other metal bands so is another band). C.P.S. had only an appearance in Crust Night 2002 and as for Criminal, this contribution was their one and only shit as a band.
The record came out on Forest Records, a label with Disprove, Beyond Description and Effigy releases as well the Meaningful Consolidation double 7". it comes in fold out paper sleeve with some lyrics and band info in English & Japanese, all bands deliver shitloads of noise with Discript, and Agree to Differ to win my taste, Peaceful Collapse and Kampfer are interest too. I said so much useless shit, ends here.


Misery-Bornedad 7" (1989, AYF Records)

"If there were a grandfather of crust…the old man with crazy stories that you still see hanging around the neighborhood, it would be Misery" (taken from MNPunk), Just try to figure it: A grey haired and bearded old man,  hanging around and sharing his stories or other times becoming a hermit and getting lost and lonesome in his own memories, yeah this would be a scenario reflecting Misery legacy. Here is the second ep of these legends, released in 1989 after Born, Fed...Slaughtered masterpiece. To be honest, i started working on this post back in 2012 (by the time From Where The Sun Never Shines was coming out) when i ripped the vinyl to mp3 and today its weird to re-build the whole post, memories come back and the way i felt back these days has changed whe i compare it to the way i am feeling while working on it: Blogging as a way to change the routine had turned to escape from misery back in 2012 and nowadays its a way to forget the plague (either financial or mental and grey) for a while.. what's next and worse shit to come?. Anyway. As is said, Blindead is the second ep of Misery, it was released back in 1989 by AYF Records (Anarchist Youth Federation, Misery's own label), it was the follow up to Born, Fed...Slaughter and was born because of a mistake in the pressing of first Misery ep: Born, Fed...Slaughtered was supposed to have four tracks but due some pressing problems it came out as a two track ep, there's a note printed in the inside of cover of Born, Fed... explaining what happened (and also there is the first and original printing including the lyrics of the finally rejected tracks), Discarded/Under Siege re-released it one year later as  a three track ep). Blindead came in "fold out silkscreened covers which came printed black on four different colours, red, yellow, green and cream/white" (from Discogs), only 600 copies were made and that brings some pain when you try to get a copy via eBay or Discogs. Music wise delivers four tracks of the usual for Misery political heavy stenchcore: Blindead is a mid paced piece of Amebix worship, (it appeared also in Whispers! 2xLP along with Total Destruction), even the voice sounds like Baron, Wealth and Power is the fast part of the record, while Justice Lost is slow and heavy as Misery can deliver. Noize lasts one minute and its instrumental. The cover folds in side and there is small fold on the bottom too, inside you will find the lyrics (though the letter fonts make it look like Sumerian writing). Blindead was followed by Children of War and several other gems, the story is known, i don't need to say any shit about. End of ranting, go get it and enjoy it.

Holocrust-Arrogant State 7" (1995, unreleased)

Here we are again and this time with a strange post, its an unreleased record from a band that deserves some attention, five songs that were supposed to come out as vinyl but never did. Holocrust were a short lived five piece crust band, formed by three Warcollapse members during the years of band hiatus in mid '90's. The band is a short of mystery since there is no trace of them on the web and even in Swedish punk/hc/crust sites. The only information  i dug come from Foris Hellstorm and Martin WJ  who was singer for some time around 1996-97 (thanx to both of you!) and from an interview with Jalle (Warcollapse vox) back 1995 in Sniffa Lim zine in an ancient geocities site, the interview was after the recording/before the release date of Divine Intoxication and was posted on the zine in 1997. Apparently, Holocrust had some activity after the '95 recording, there were even plans for a European tour than never happened, so the band faded in late '90's because of lack of time since members were currently in many other projects and despite the announcement in the interview of new recording for an lp, so their only mark on official release is their appearance in Chaos Of Destruction 2  comp (2000, Dan Doh Records) with two songs taken from this ep, along with Framtid, Disclose, Agathocles and others. And i have to say here, there is not any connection with the black metal project with the same name from Switzerland or the raw D-beat band (from Indochina,can't remember the country) that used to have a myspace page some years ago. The songs were recorded at Studio Urshult in 1995, recorded and mixed by Jocke & Jalle, music wise this is close to Warcollapse stuff, there is the usual rough crusty sound, as expected (what else?) D-beat drumming (by Jalle) and rough dual vocals. According to the '95 interview the record was supposed to be released by a label named DIY Records: This is the label of Battle of Disarm, the guy from BoD got the mastertape of recording but Holocrust havn't heard from him since then so no ep was released. The band faded in late '9o's and most of band members continued with Warcollapse, Nicke who's mentioned in the interview as one of vocalists, died some time ago while a band named after the title of ep, Arrogant State includes Martin who was vocalist in 96-97 or so. I discovered the "record" in mp3 format forgotten in a dusty corner in a external hard disc that i haven't used for many years while i was ransacking and trying to clean the mess of files and i can't remember where i got it from, (too many years passed since i put it there..) and even worse there is no cover artwork, the "artwork" used here is from a youtube vid. Anyway, too much useless rant, get this forgotten gem and enjoy it, the file includes the five tracks plus one alternative version of one song and a .txt file with the Sniffa Lim interview.


Sarabante-Έρμαια Των Καιρών / Under The Shadows 7" (Man in Decline, 2013)

Sarabante hail from the metropolis of crisis, Athens, Greece and here is their two track seven inch released in 2013 by Man In Decline Records. Sarabante was formed back in 2006 and passed through several line up changes, sometime they recorded some demo tracks, (if i am correct, back in these days there were 3 songs in their myspace) in 2008 they started working on their first lp Remnants which finally came out in 2011, mastering was done by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise, Warcry, World Burns to Death, AudioSiege Media etc etc) and was released by Sara Records, (band's own label) on vinyl in 500 copies and later by Southern Lord as cd. And since a label just like Southern Lord picks them among so many dark melodic crust bands that pop up all over the world that means they discovered something extraoedinary in this band. I won't say anyting else about Remnants since there is a shitload of positive reviews about it (just google "Sarabante Remnants review" and a shit of replies will appear on your screen). Έρμαια Των Καιρών / Under The Shadows 7" came out in spring of 2013 on 300 copies on black, 100  mustard yellow and 100 copies with transparent vinyl with black flecks and also a limited to 25 copies, mailorder only version with different artwork, screen-printed jacket and stamped/numbered labels. Inside the folder you will find a sheet with lyrics and a download code. Music wise there is dark,emotional and melodic crust at its best: No they don't reinvent the wheel since this was developed by From Ashes Rise and Tragedy, adopted by many other bands and first worked back in late 90's by the now forgotten and underated Narsaak before the rise of His Hero is Gone and Wolfpack. The songs of ep, the guitar riffs and chord proggression, the mournful melodies and bass lines, the drum bashing, all are great and stand equal to Remnants or even better than the debute lp, i 'd say there is a slight improvement in everything. The sound quality is excellent. Έρμαια Των Καιρών (Wrecks of times) is a new version of an old demo song titled Unveiling the Truth, (the other demo songs, Blindfold and Remnants appear in the lp). And if 5 Tracks Noise ep by Go Filth Go is the best raw D-beat ep released by greek band, i dare to say that Έρμαια Των Καιρών / Under The Shadows stands on the top of Greek band melodic crust  releases. The only bad thing is that there are only two songs here and nearly seven minutes of running time. This is available for streaming/downloading in Sarabante's bandcamp along with Remnants, btw their weird name is taken from a medieval dance, for more check wikipedia here,  This is also still available in physical copies so can score one, either from the band or the label and its worth to do it. Sarabante have blog, myshit and farcebook. check them.


Go Filth Go-5 Tracks Noise 7" (2012, Rawmantic Disasters,Truemmer Pogo, Crucificados Pelo Sistema)

Hands down, this is the best raw D-beat recording made by greek band, ever! Go Filth Go come from the shithole of Europe and this is their latest release, a five track sonic hell released in 2012. GFG formed in 2010 by former/current members of DyspneaBlack TrinityMelanocetus Murrayi and Terrorismo Musical, in 2010 they self-released No Escape from Noise Dis-truction tape which was followed by the split w Besthoven and split w Electric Funeral and the Make Noise Not Music split tape with Chernobyl Attack. 5 Tracks Noise was released in 2012 by Rawmantic DisastersTruemmer Pogo and Crucificados Pelo Sistema and the artwork is simillar to the work of Warvictims/Dropend split lp (Rawmantic Disasters/D-Takt & Råpunk) . Sound wise there is top work here, GFG created a personal sound in their previous ep's which is solid, harse, raw and distorted and also unique but thigs are different here: Mixing and mastering was done by Jocke from D-takt & Råpunk  and sound took off to higher levels of quality: 5 Tracks Noise sounds great and stands equal to great bands of subgenre such as Disclose, D-Clone, Giftgassattack, Disable, Aspects of War, Eletric Funeral and others. Ultra distorted guitar and bass, fast D-beat bashing drums and angry cacophonous shouted vocals. This is brutal and distorted, raw and chaotic, earbleeding and destructive. And if this description sounds generic then waste a few minutes and listen the tracks: Jocke' mastering  transformed GFG sound into a sonic monster. And check this vid too. Lyrics deal with the familiar for the genre topics such as the horror of war, social disgust and derpair and you can find them printed on cover. This was the latest GFG release along with the contribution of one unreleased song (State Abuse) in the War For Freedom 12"comp, (a DIY benefit compilation for political prisoners - a collective effort of squater punks of northern Greece, distributed by autonomous libertarian collectivities and political squats) and as i ve been told by D (guit) many moons ago, their next planned release will be a 12" LP but there are not any news about it. 5 Tracks Noise is available for streaming/downloading in GFG bandcamp as well as their entire discography. Hope to hear news about their next release very soon.


Zudas Krust-Dogs of the Doomland 7" (2013,co-release by 4 labels)

Back from the grave! Sixteen months passed since the last update in May 2012 and here we are again. No this is not a return to the situation the ways it was in the past,many things have changed, and all got worse. Actually this record was just a chance to update the blog and also a promise because the guy who sent it is in the best days if his life ;), Anyway, i hope there will be more posts in the future, sporadically i guess, only with records submitted by bands or labels and soon i m going to delete all links from old posts: They were there too long, i have lost access to my accounts, so please don't ask me to re-upload the dead links, all these files can be found elsewhere in other punk blogs.
Raw punk D-beaters Zudas Krust hail from Jakarta, Indonesia and here is their Dogs of the Doomland ep, we have met them when i posted their tape Matanza Y Muerte Masiva in 2009 and their 3 way split with Abnorn and Rajoitus back in 2008. This is the first vinyl release for these punks who carry the flag since 2008 and have a shitload of cdr and tape and split releases under their belt (check it here). Dogs of the Doomland was recorded during the summer of 2012 and was mastered by Jack Control (World Burns to Death, Severed Head of State) at Enorous Door Studios. It was released by Doombringer Records (Indonesia), Live Fast Die Drunk Records (Australia), Rauha Turva Records (Czech Rep) and Delusion of Terror Records (Philippines) in 2013. Music wise delivers five songs and nearly nine minutes of raw d-beat crust in the vein of Framtid. Pisschrist, Kromosom and the likes. Sound wise, J. Control did great work and the band delivers D-Beat crust via excellent and clear sound keeping the appropriate rate of rawness and distortion, the singer shouts in Indonesian language, one song has lyrics in English and inside the cover you will find all information about the record, lyrics, a small sheet-poster and translation of lyrics in English. All and all this is an excellent record, there's nothing to complain about and delivers the goods.
Download link is provided by Shane from Live Fast, Die Drunk Rec.s (thanks and best wishes!can i have some of your beer pleaz?) and includes artwork, there is also a youtube vid with the 7", here.

Juventud Podrida-1989 7"(Logica Ciega,2012)

A new post at last, i finally decided to update the blog with a post after a few months hiatus, i can't say if this is the come back or whatever since the shit here is getting shittier and you know what i mean, this was supposed to be posted in Crust Demos but then i said "what the hell, why not in 7IC since this is a great record?" so here we go, let's crust again!.
Juventud Podrida come from Panama, actually this band is the first punk band that i discover from this country, Josh from the band, the guy who sent this added some information and here it is: "Juventud Podrida (Spanish for "Rotten Youth") is a Panamanian crust punk band formed in 2007, they are the first band of its gender in their country, The band marked a milestone in the history of Panamanian punk for its "eccentricity", they embrace the idea to work under the DIY ethics and to release their music on vinyl, on a country where doing that is considered a financial disaster for any music group, "1989" is the very first self-released punk record in Panama,t he sampling on "Los Demonios Del Norte" was extracted from the documentary "The Panama Deception", the artwork was inspired on the United States invasion of Panama that occurred in 1989, never forget...."
 I can only add that they also appear in D-beat Hasta Que Te Sangren Los Oνdos compilation contributing Viviendo en depresion , the opening track of ep, Music wise 1989 delivers five tracks of  angry and fast D-beat crust with some slower breaks here and there and brutal vocals from hell, the sound quality is excellent and considering the country of origin, the sound engineer did a great work. Only 150 copies were made. You can stream the ep in their bandcamp, click em a "like" in their facebook or visit their other pages (and they have sooo many, check here). Dnld link includes scans and .txt files with infos and is provided by the band (thanx Josh!,cheers!).
No more ranting, go grab it and enjoy it. The EP costs $5.00 for anybody outside Panama, the shipping is $4.00 for US, feel free to e-mail podridajuventud (at) gmail (dot) com for a physical copy and support the band!