Stack/Carol-split 7"

This is Stack/Carol-split 7" and not Slayer/venom-split:
Stack were a powerviolence/hardcore band from Germany, they had a bunch of releases *Mondonervaktion 7", Selbstfundinggruppe 6", split's with Capitalistic Casualties, Narsaak and Seein' REd and a 10". There is a discography cd released by Six Weeks Rec.s and includes most of their recorded material, members of Stack were currently and formerly in Fear is the path to the Dark Side, Black Shape of Nexus, Nychtophobic, Hellstorm, Diavollo Rosso, Abolition and others
Carol were another worth to mention screamo core band of Bremen scene, they were strongly influened by Acme (another legend from Bremen) they released two ep's (this split and Prefabricated 7" and appeared in Cry Now,Cry Later vol 4 comp. Members were involved with some great acts such as Systral, Morser and others.
Both bands recorded their songs at the infamous Kuschelrock Studios, the label behind this jewel was Summersault and the year was 1997. The title South of Hessen/Welcome to Bremen is (of course) taken from the releases of metal monsters mentioned above South of heaven and Welcome to Hell, band logo's and cover artwork are smart counterfeits too. Stack contribute three powerviolence/hc tracks, one long mid paced and two fast and short including a Hirax cover, their slower track drives them a step away from their familiar in-your-face stuff. Carol deliver the goods with one amazing track of what is typical for a Bremen scene band: Desperate screaming vocals, solid guitar and high intense riffs with a metal flavor and excellent drum work.
01:Konstante relativitaet
02:Life is what you make of (Hirax)
03:Hate, Fear and Power
Carol side:


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for posting this, I really appreciate it! Hopefully someday I can repay the favor and hook you up with something!


7inchcrust said...

Thanks Noah, but you dont have to do anything to repay, its ok dude! :)

wonkajane said...

Oh man this is great! I've been looking for Carol stuff for a long time...I have the Cry Now Cry Later 4 comp, and knew all the other bands on there but Carol really stood out, and could never find anything else. Thanks again! Do you have their Prefabricated split too? that would be too much

7inchcrust said...

hi wonkajane
hmm..i thought this link was removed but i was wrong..thats good for you.. :) anyway:check Acme-Untitled 7" post in this blog and you ll find one track from Prefabricated. i have it but back in autumn '07 it was still available and easily accessible from Per Koro and some distros and we are against posting still in print records. need to make a research and if is out of print...;)

Janik said...

cant find a link. was it removed?

7inchcrust said...

link fixed,:)

Anonymous said...

There´s no link, can you repost it?
Thanks in advance