V/A.-Whispers comp. bonus 7"

Whispers is one of the greatest compilations of 90's and one of the greatest and most important comps in general: Released by Skuld Releases(Skuld032) as double lp in 1996, included a bunch of great bands: Hellkrusher, Naftia, Anarcrust, Misery, Healthhazard, ABC Diabollo, Zygote, Dystopia, Doom, Extinction Of Mankind, Masskontrol and many others.
The complete Whispers release included a bonus ep with three bands: Warcollapse, Counterblast and World Chaos.here we go:
Counterblast offer one looong track (7:50" running time) of mid paced heavy crust. After an atmospheric intro with keyboards, a slow heavy metallic crust attack begins with some melodic solo guitar parts in its beginning, followed by emotional metallic riffs, harshed vocals, drum fills, some breaking parts in the middle, filled with nice drum outbreaks. Leading guitar parts come back once again about 1-2 minutes before the end of track coloring the song with dark and melacholic feelings.
Warcollapse contribute one long track too (6:50") in the same vein, starting with a clean melody and turning into a midpaced metallic crust with deep low harshed vocals and emotional and haunting guitars. Drums keep down the speed with some nice fills, the basslines give help and keybords traces paint the background completing the whole stuff. The production is good and both bands sound heavy and thick.
This ep could be considered as a Counterblast/Warcollapse split cos their tracks last approximately about 14:40". World Chaos offer one track only 40 seconds long of in-your-face hyperspeeding drums and bass lines, screeching vocals and manic grinding guitars.
Counterblast's EEC stands for Europen Empire Of Capitalism, there is an alternative version of this track in "Balance of pain" lp. Warcollapse's track is included in the "Crust as fuck existence" mcd and From Absolute Indoctrination to Complete Massgenocide, band's best of comp.(thanks to BSE's comment i added these little details)
Infos @ Skuld

Warcollapse:It's time to see

World Chaos-TV idiot


YoYoPunk said...

Thank you! Do you think you could post the LPs in the comments? Please? :)

7inchcrust said...

Hi yoyopunk, thanks for the comment, i ll see what i can do about this,
i have forgotten one old request of yours, i have some old Homomillitia stuff for you (split w Disclose and a ureleased session), i will upload it as soon as i can in the next days

bse said...

warcollapse- it's time to .. is the second song
(crust as fuck existence mlp)

equal, cool blog, weitermachen! thx ;)

7inchcrust said...

shit!!!! yes you are right! thanks for the report

YoYoPunk said...

Thanks man, you're the best.

WarsNoFun said...

Nice post!

I finally started my own blog. I linked you so I was hoping you'd link me! It's called War's No Fun!



7inchcrust said...

ok Ryan, War's No Fun is added. i wish you the best :)

azcrustie said...

Whispers defined the (end of the?) crust scene hands down! I'm putting the `end of the' in parentheses because it took way more than planned until it came out so by the time it did the crust scene had dwindled & neo-crust was on the rise. (Many of the bands had broken up meanwhile - Angst, Naytia, ABC Diabolo, One By One, & a bunch of others.) To me, it represents evetyrhing wholesome & respectable about the '90s crust scene - so THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!!!

Slobodan Burgher said...


azcrust said...

Slobodan, Skuld still carries it & i bet they're trying to push as many copies as possible :) . It's the best value of money spent vs. what you get i've had in a long time - plus the artwork is great.

YoYoPunk said...

Thank you much! If you want to email me the Homomilitia stuff, I'll put it up on my blog. That is of course if you're not planning on putting it up here. My email is YoYoPunk@gmail.com

Thanks again!

7inchcrust said...

ok, i will mail you as soon as i can :)

doug said...

error! ABC Diavollo? all my lps, eps, and even on whispers say abc diabolo.

7inchcrust said...

yeah, is Diabollo, just one letter mistake while writing the text.. thanks.

sapila said...

can you please upload the 2xLP?

7inchcrust said...

the 2xLP was posted on Only-in-it-for-the-music blog

carrito said...

This is my all time favorite compilation, indeed a gem of crust history, forever gone. The only thing is, I wish there was a new link to get the bonus 7"; "Only-in-it-for-the-music" has been removed, is there a possibility of uploading the 7" here? thanx a lot.

7inchcrust said...

bonus ep link is back,thanks for the comment and cheers!

carrito said...

@7inchcrust wow, thanx a lot man!!! :D cheers!

Per Ehn said...

Does this record contain lyrics for the varoious songs?
I've been looking for the lyrics for DOOM's "Trash Breeds Trash" for ages!

7inchcrust said...

apologies for the delay but the blog is dead,anyway here is the lyrics:

Ignorance breeds fear
Fear breeds prejudice

Trash breed trash x2

Prejudice breeds hate
Hate breeds trash

Trash breed trash x2