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Anarchus-Final fall of the gods 7"

Final fall of the gods was the first official release of Mexican grinders Anarchus, released by Rigid Records in 1990 originally on yellow vinyl. The band self released an alternative version on black vinyl only on Mexico. Tracks were recorded in Mexico City and mixed in Tampa, Florida USA, at infamous Morrisound Studios by Scott Burns.
Anarchus deliver here old school brutal grind: Some death metal traces can be found here and there, some tracks are fast and short (Creation of a religion), some others are a bit slower (The entity on the room). You will find the typical distorted guitars, down-tuned bass, screaming distorted vocals and drum changes from insane blasts to mid paced parts. The lyrics are about the usual socio-politics and anti religion of course, an insert with lyrics is included, the sound is raw but unfortunately Burns work doesn't make any sense or at least it doesn't make any difference, maybe this filthy sound was what exactly the band wanted but what the hell, why should we complain? there s no need for perfect clean sound, this is nothing but old school grind!

1. Flowers to the pigs
2. Final fall of the gods
3. Ishavet Kaller
4. The entity in the room
5. Creation of a religion
6. Jesus Christ (Impostor)

Anarchus-500 years of infamy 7"

The first band from Mexico posted here is the grindcore legend Anarchus. Formed in 1987 and recorded their first demo Total hate in January 1988. It made sense in the underground scene and attracted the interesting of foreigh labels. 500 Years Of Infamy is their second ep, released in 1993 on Gothic Records (USA) and was distributed by Seraphic Decay, via Nuclear Blast Records in Europe on green, red, yellow and black vinyl. The band continued all these years and their discography includes many split releases, for more check Metal Archives, members were involved with other bands such as C.A.R.N.E., Pactum, Hysteria, AK-47 (, Horrified, Repulsive etc.
In 500 Years of Infamy they bring a grind brutal assault with distorted screaming vocals, noisy grinding guitars, mid-paced drums and sounding like a raw distorted version of early
Agathocles, the production is (what else?) raw and lyrically they cover topics with anti-religious, nihilistic anti-authority messages. Six tracks for approximately 13:30" total running time.
1. Intolerance and fanatism
2. Nothing comes mater
3. Gone with flames
4. Eve's sin
5. Supreme creation
500 Years of infamy