Abstain-US '99 tour 7" (1999,Agitate 96)

I know its been a long time since the last post but i had and still have some problems with my turntable and scanner, the turntable is ok now but the scanner is still out of duty, i hope i will fix the problem soon.
A i said to Mike from Fifteen Counts... this post was supposed to bring you some Japanese crust but finally here 's something from the grindcore area: I posted some releases of these Pennsylvanian grinders in the past (Superiority Complex demo tape, split w Unholy Grave, split w Denak and split w Nasum) so there is no need for any blurb about them. This is their ep for the US tour of '99, released by Agitate 96 Records in 500 copies and as expected it delivers fast and brutal hardcore influenced old school grindcore with hyperfast blasting drums and thrashing riffs, vocals moved from the deep low growls of their early records to hoarse high pitched screams/yells, slightly reminding of Drop Dead or Siege. Unfortunately Abstain fall in the category of bands that would sound a little bit better if they added the missing instrument since the sound is a little dry despite the descent production and the chaos of fast drumming, by adding the bass the sound would be more deep and structured but then who am i to judge 'em?. By saying that i don't mean this is a bad record since everything is done fine, Abstain duet ruled back in their day,( Dead Shall Rise cover, Terrorizer is one of my favorite grindcore songs ever) and that's what they do here delivering the goods for nine minutes: Aggression and furry, rawness and speed, the wall of sound, the heaviness and socially awared lyrics are always there.
I said enough, go get it, EDIT: I used my digi cam to solve the scans problem so i added artwork photos, the scanner is still dead though...


mikxxx said...

ela re, pote to eipame auto???

abstain respect
to split me nasum therizei

7inchcrust said...

axaxaxaxa, sto proigoumeno post,ego sto lew...;)

Steve said...

Thank you so much for uploading this! I haven't had a turntable in quite some time and my copy is just sitting here. I remember looking for a rip and not being able to find it. I really appreciate it, cheers!