The Craw / Deathgrenade-Primitive thrash split 7" (2010,Live Fast,Die Drunk/Nuclfear)

This split was kindly offered by the Shane of Live Fast Die Drunk Records (myshit, site, blog), a Perth, West Australia based label and consists of two local bands, The Craw and Deathgrenade. I know absolutely nothing about them and the only information is from Live Fast... blog posts: The Craw have released so far Figure 241. Single Abdominal Wound in 2008, the 2009 demo and a four way split cd with Projekbabi, KrassKepala and Deathgrenade. The discography of Deathgrenade includes the two aforementioned releases. The split was released by Live Fast Die Drunk and Nuclfear Records in 500 copies of different cover colors (blue, yellow etc), 400 on limited black vinyl, the rest on pink. Music wise both bands bring primitive and noisy hardcore with some d-beat and crust elements, three tracks of noisy and raw hardcore by The Craw (plus an extra song from the four way split cd as bonus by Shane) and seven fast chaotic and thrashing blasts by Deathgrenade, all good enough to cares your ears. Some copies are still available from Live Fast Die Drunk here(price is in AU$) and also from other labels (here, here, there and there and probalby elsewhere, don't be lazy and search it.
There is nothing else to say,lets keep it short this time.


D'Cloaque said...

Amazing blog.EPIC!.


I read abunch of comments from your EFFIGY posts, and a bunch of people seemed to be looking for the EFFIGY/ABIGAIL split. I just posted it on my blog. So, if anyone asks, it's there.

also, trade links?

7inchcrust said...

thank you very much for the Abigal/Effigy link,i hope your comment will help those who search it. if you find my blog interesting just add my link to your linklist and don't ask me about trading, i don't like this "trade links" thing. i do not add blogs with NSBM, white power,RAC,patriotic or any kind of right-extreme right wing bullshit even if is about (musically) great records the same way i do not post such crap. Posting a NSBM it means i promote the band or their label and much worse i promote their ideals and that's the last think that i want to do. To me music and lyrical content are equal and punk is not just music, its a whole world carrying some ideals. no matter if you are the coolest person on this world, no matter if you are just another music freak and have nothing to do with right wing wankery, i will not add you, you or any other blog with such crap posted,i know you blog since months ago and the other stuff its interesting....i hope you understand what I'm saying


I do understand and appreciate your words and am thinking for the first time of taking down that shit.


And I also understand about the trading links thing. kinda asinine, huh?

mikxxx said...

re poulaei trela o typos...

7inchcrust said...

..but who's buying? ;) den pa na poula oti thelei,yparxoun sovarotera na asxolitheis.
ante kairos gia update, erxetai 7ari me Iconoclast k Damnable Excite Zombies ;)

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