Nausea-Cybergod 7"

Nausea was born the in late '80's the days the NY scene blossomed and many great bands appeared, these dudes lived the days of Tompkins Square Riots and Squat or Rot gigs of Ralphy Boy (Jesus Chrust, Dissassociate), they toured in Europe and the States and released some records that are classic: Extinction lp(1990, Profane Existence), Cybergod 7" and Lie Circle 7"('93,Graven Image Records), they appeared also in compilations of Maximum Rock and Roll, Allied, and Vermiform. When Neil, founding member and vocalist walked away to form Jesus Chrust, Al Ternative of Misery joined the band.
All these interesting stories and other details can be found here. Cybergod was one of the following posts to Smash Divisions back in spring of '07 and here it is again with all the goods. It delivers two heavy tracks and comes with an insert including the (anti-religious) lyrics. According to Flex! Discog of US Punk & HC "first pressing on black vinyl, second on red, lyric sheets are different, also the second sleeve is printed lighter so the drawing comes out much better. Some sleeves on dull paper, some on high gloss paper", there is also a repress of blue vinyl.
This was released by Allied Recordings, a San Francisco based label that released also records of Neurosis, Antischism and others.
02:Body of Christ




convertido said...

When this came out I thought it was one of the heaviest singles I heard in years. Now years later I still contend it one of the heaviest as well as their best record. The recording is fantastic, I just wish they mastered it louder. Thanks!!

7inchcrust said...

Ganja said in one word and he is correct;this is a masterpiece

Malisha Old 666 said...

When I think of Nausea this record comes to my mind first. Brilliant piece of music.
Also, about the last post, Smash Divisions cover was one of my favorite record covers ever.

7inchcrust said...

yeah this is a great record but Lie cycle is excellent too. i had luck on my side and bought Extinction for only a few euros some years ago lol lol

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Anonymous said...

May Johnson: what are you on? (so I can never take it!)