Scatha-Fuck the system 7"

Scatha were a dark and gloomy crust band from Tomintoul,a village in the Aberdeenshire Council Area, Scotland, including former members of Sedition, Dissafect and Stretcheads. Formed in mid-90's , they were active in the years 1995-97 and toured twice in Europe with Quarantine and Counterblast. In 1998-2000 a few line up changes happened and in 2001 they toured again with Katastrophobia, After the release of split 7",(2002) they played three final gigs with Dagda. After Scatha disbanded, members joined bands such as Tribe and Ruin.
"Fuck the system" is a three track crust attack where Scatha blend the sound of the ex bands of members and what comes out is rough and gloomy crust. The sound quality is good, Angus (ex-Sedition) screams poetic lyrics ("we don't need it, we don't want it, fuck the system"), the guitar is thick and gloomy spitting blazing riffs and the rhythm section speeds the fury on and on and then slows down to slower parts. Side A sounds more furious while "Freedom" on side B is longer with more midpaced parts. The cover artworks in Scatha records were inspired by the Celtic myths but this is one here is the only Scatha cover not based on Celtic mythology.
"Fuck the system" was released by Anonymous Rec.s, (this comes from the second press on Enslaved Rec.s) in 1996. Scatha's discography includes the "Respect, Protect, Reconnect"(1995) and 'Birth Life and Death,(1997) lp's and the split 7" with the Irish crusties 'the Dadga'. There is also the 'Before the last settles' with demo and rehearsal recordings and "After the Dust Settles" discography cd on MCR Company
1. FDS
2. Fuck the system
3. Freedom



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Scatha-Fuck The System pictures were taken from 2nd press. Original press has hard sleeve and back cover has Anonymous Records Glasgow's address only.

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