Gudon-Howling communication 7"

Gudon come from Japan, they started in mid-80's and their discography is:Zannin SeiJa, (flexi, Kagai Mousou, onesided 7",'84), Hikashibou 7" (Kagai Mousou,'86), the Howling communication (Selfish ,87) and the Bloodsucking freaks-split 7" w Warhead Junk (Bloodsucker,'91). They had also two demos and tracks in compilations such as My Meat's your poison ('87), Hang the sucker vol 2 ('89) and others. Bloodsucker put out a cd including all their recorded material except the demos and Zannin seija. Members later went on with the legendary Bastard. Guy,member of the band was behind Blood Sucker Records and now is in a new band called Origin of M
"Howling communication" was released on Selfish in 1987. Here we got six tracks and the d-beat rhythm section is dominating with the fast,sometimes annoying and sounding the same all the time drum works but this is not exactly the d-beat you probably have in mind(Disclose e.t.c). The vocals are a little bit insane and dissonant, shouting in the japanese style and guitars complete the noisy chaos, somehow overshadowed by the drums. Some breaks and some solos are found here and there, the whole result is fast, there are only a few slower parts giving place to guitars to breathe and show something more than the in-your-face onslaught. i, personally like their split, but Howling communication is not bad, especially if you like noisy stuff. Ah, the cover artwork is really amazing.

1. Outside dream
2. Howling hate
3. Dickeys
4. Bloody sleeping
5. Power of dusk
6. Egger


Slobodan Burgher said...

Whoa! Good choice. A classic maestropiece imo.

"Speak Japanese or die" (Concrete Sox)

Anonymous said...

hey 7,

do you have the mankind? 7"

thats an awesome record.

7inchcrust said...

i have somewhere forgotten the DIRT/Mankind split, i have to dig up the old packages... :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Gudon screechfest!!