Gudon/Warhead Junk-split 7"

This is the Gudon/Warhead Junk-Bloodsucking freaks split ep, released on Bloodsucker Records in 1991. Comparing to the Howling communication ep, Goudon sound heavier and much different here and their chaotic and somehow annoying and repeating shit has turned into a powerful Japanese hardcore with pissed vocals, nice aggressive riffs with a d-beat touch and fast beat. Far my fave Gudon stuff. I dont know any shit about Warhead Junk, discog says they appeared in Starving Dog Eats Master comp. They are similar to Gudon with shouting Japanese vocals and fast tempos while the last track has some nice slower parts. The sound quality is good, both bands sound heavy and the 15:30 minutes of running time give you a good dose of catchy japcore

Gudon side:
1. Void
2. Hard on
3. Erebus
Warhead Junk side:
4. Hamble a person's pride
5. Troops to murder
6. False kindness
7. Real strength(self satisfaction)


Daniel said...

Will be bumping this tonight!

Slobodan Burgher said...

yeah this is sooo good. thanx 4 cimex - posted it now!

Lee said...

Love this record's cover art.

Hey, check out my new blog. I post crust, punk, metal and other weird stuff. Also, I love your blog. I've never really liked crust, but for the past year, I've loved it.

PS: Thanks for posting that SDS! Best Japanese band ever!