Some reposts:V/A-Meaningful Consolidation 2x7"/Dystopia-Backstabber 7"

V/A-Meaningful Consolidation 2x7"
Time for some reposts and here's "Meaningful Consolidation" double ep from 1996 including some of the legends of Japanese scene of '90's: Iconoclast, Disclose, CFDL, Defiance, Anti-Authorize, Abraham Cross and S.D.S. contributed tracks and released this jewel in their own labels (Blurred/DIY/Icons of Crust/Forest /Yasuo). This is sometimes considered as Pt2 of Tokyo Crusties 7" comp from 1994 but this is not official Pt2. 25 minutes total running time full of japanese hc & crust

Dystopia-Backstabber 7"

This was posted in August 2007 but the old link is dead, so here it is again but this time we added scans of inserts and vinyl (Thanx to Price of Progress blog (R.I.P.). Dystopia are the masters of crust/doom/sludge from Oakland, Long Beach and "Backstabber" was released in 1997 in a co-operation of labels Life is Abuse, Misanthropic and Common Cause Records, it consists three heavy crust/sludge tracks, these tracks appear in the cd version of "The Aftermath" (1999).
01:Socialized death sentence
03:They live


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