Scraps/D.o.n. D.o.n.-split 7"

This is a split flexi with Scraps from France and the Japanese Don Don sharing each side.
This old shit "Cry of soul" was released by MCR Company in 1989. Scraps were from Liile, France, they formed in mid 80's and there's no need to repeat some rant about them since there is "Apartheid" ep already posted here so you can take a look at their bio, check also Kill from the Heart for their Discog. Puke n Vomit Records released "The Raw Years 1985-89" cd incl. the tracks from the demo tape, "Apartheid" ep, "Aaargh" ep and the tracks from this split here.The singer later went on with Nation on Fire and the bassist with Unhinged

D.o.n.D.o.n. stands for Detestation of Negative Destruction of Nuclear. They formed in mid 80's too and their first recording was the "D.o.n.D.o.n" demo tape in 1988. If you check their myspace you 'll see some members in their ranks having been also in other bands such as Bastard, GISM, Asbestos and others. The first D.o.n.D.o.n. vinyl release was "Skulls" ep (1988,Adventure Family Records) and it was followed by this flexi here. Their discography includes "Borderline" lp( 1990, Selfish Records), "Commercialism" ep (1990,Highly Collectable Records, we ll post it here, hopefully) and "Last warning" lp(1991,Schizophrenic Records).They also appeared in many compilations:"Virus" lp(1987),"Best run fast" 7" (in vol 1 & 2),"Smashing odds ness" 8","Go ahead make my day" lp,"Enjoy your youth" lp, "Suck my dick" tape, "Kakumei 2" lp and "I will take no orders from anyone!!"lp. There is a re-issue of "Last warning" by Schizophrenic Records, limited to only 700 copies with bonus tracks.
Said nuff..If we missed something or something s wrong, we d' appreciate a comment to make things right..:),now go get it
1:Time's up
2:Maquereau trottoir
1:Crime of sentence
2:See through the lies (Crucifix cover)


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Data up THANX!

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i thank you,
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do you know these two french bands? Human Compost and Geraniüm. check out this 7"

you can also download it at Geraniüm's website.

7inchcrust said...

i know Human Compost but never checked em out and never heard anything about Geraniüm before, thanx for this split!