Uprising-As Long As There's A Profit To Be Made... 7" (2004,Incendiary Sound,Act of Attribution)

First off i feel the need to send my apologies to Nate from Uprising for taking almost an eternity to post this little gem since is an awesome record, it comes from an underrated and not well known band that never had the attention it deserved from the crusties, yeah it's sad and true and i have to live with it: Ii m a lazy bastard who's getting aged and forgets... :/
Uprising formed in Michigan in early ' 00's and in their short life they released the amazing split with Contravene on Catchphraze Records in 2003 and this ep, there is also a cd-r demo which came out in only 35 copies plus a few more songs (in heavier crusty pathways) recorded for a future release that never saw the light of day because of lack of funds and motivation.
As long.. was recorded in 2003 and came out in '04 (or it was 2006?), the complete title is "As long as there's a profit to be made there's no telling where the killing will end", music wise it delivers six tracks of crusty anarcho-punk/hardcore with political lyrics in a blending of Nausea and early Contravene, it was released by Incendiary Sound Records and Acts Of Attrition (any help about the labels is appreciated), 300 copies were made, 25 came with release show limited covers. Despite being a nice record (Contravene is the first band that comes to mind each time i listen this, Uprising were such good) it didn't sell much copies due bad distribution, for those who might want to get a copy, Nate still has many ,contact him via mail at uprisedetroit (at) gmail (dot) com and get one, it rarely pops up on ebay, distros or elsewhere).
No more blurb, the songs of ep are already uploaded on Soundcloud by Nate so you can give it a listening.



mikxxx said...

billara kairo exoume na ta poume...
elpizo na pane kala re file
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7inchcrust said...

geia sou Mike,ta idia panta edo,as ta leme kala.

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Really glad to see this blog is still up and running, I've been on here for a long time and just wanted to say, thanks! Good post.

7inchcrust said...

thanks for your kind words mr anonymous,cheers!

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