Prophecy of Doom-Until the again 7" (After World Records,1990)

Until the Again is a live 7" recorded and released back in 1990 by After World Records. There is no much to say about Prophecy of Doom since Calculate Mind Rape was posted twice and a lot of bullshit was typed. The truth is they were overlooked and never gained the attention of people the way and the level Napalm Death or Carcass did. Anyway, Until the Again came in gatefold cover and delivers three tracks: Earth Reality Victim, Acknowledge The Confusion Master and Insanity Reigns Supreme(which is the first PoD song i ever listened back in late 80's in a tape trade), the sound quality is as good as can be for a live recording of a grinding metal punk band and the paranoia lasts for almost twelve minutes. Some samples are used in the beginning of songs and fit with the sociopolitical/philosophical lyrics, i love the way Shrew's over-distorted vocals destroy the last hints of music each time he opens his mouth, he sounds like a fart of a mutant monster coming from hell.
If anyone knows anything or has in digital format Domination Factor 's Dominated till death demo tape (a pre-Prophecy of Doom band) just drop a few lines here, After World Records was a small label with a few releases of some goregrind/deathgrind acts under their belt (Bathomet's Boiled in Blood 7", Exhumed's Excreting innards, Putrifact's Visceral Devourment and others).
This is not my ripping, thanks to Pete for one more contribution, he sent some wav's that i ripped to mp'3 and i had to find covers on the web, well i did what i can (yeah too bored and busy to rip a vinyl myself.)

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