Deformed Conscience/Scourge-split 7"

i guess this is going to be short as fart: Things going shitty, too much pressure here and no free time, Whispy is lost in outer space once again but despite we run out of new posts, check the back pages, some links are active again
This is a split coming from 1993 (if i'm not mistaken), Deformed Conscience need no introduction, we have posted the s/t and "Constant strife" (and their demo is here). Scourge is a band absolutely unknown to me so if you know anything about them we will appreciate it if you spend some time writing down a few lines and enlighten us. Music wise they were a hardcore/punk band.
Spoon Fed Records is the label that release this split, black vinyl with orange label and lyrics included inside the gatefold cover for both bands.
The tracks
Deformed Conscience
1:How am i free?
2:End the pain
3:No excuse for suffering
1:Moral prison
2:One fine Sunday with Jesus


Anonymous said...

This is the single record to inspire me to pick up a bass (lol, even after hearing siege and larm years before!).

rayss said...

love this i got it myself but nice to have on my comp to put on my ipd

Anonymous said...

hey man, thanks

i can't download their demo, zshare is shitting on me... too bad

but thanks anyway for the split!


7inchcrust said...

Hi Matt
zshare is a dead server, i will re-up it as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

Hey man, i noticed you re-upped the demo, thanks a lot for the effort!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i do know that the bass player from scourge was mike matusio of skaven, medication time nigel pepper cock