Deformed Conscience-st 7"

Just a few words about these dudes since they are well known:
Deformed Conscience were a crust band from Connecticut, USA, Fast and brutal,strongly influenced by Swedish hardcore and manic dual vocals. Members of this band went on to form such bands as State of Fear, React, Calloused, Hail of Rage, Shitlist, Inhaste and many others. The 7" here also known as "Indian givers", it was released on Erich's (Fear of God and Good bad Music blog) label Off The Disk Records in 1992, it came out in a gatefold cover with lyrics and artwork, 1.000 copies made (900 on black vinyl and 100 copies on blue vinyl). It was re-released on their discography Double LP on Havoc Records


1. Indian givers
2. What's the question?
3. Unify
4. Deformed conscience
5. Twisted values
6. What is it worth?
7. Deep ecology
8. Apathetic lazy bastard


Anonymous said...

Awesome band. Did these guys ever do a discography CD too, or just the double LP?

7inchcrust said...

i have no idea about any cd discography, sorry :( all i know is the double lp

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure the double lp is the discography.