One pissed bastard with sore throat

Nothing new in this post but a repost of some ep's that were deleted by the div server, so here you can find "Police bastard" this time with full scans (front, back,inside etc) plus the classic Sore Throat ep with full scans too. All scan work is done by Whispy who kindly offered his services for the brighter future of crust community ;). Another victim of Div, Doom 's "Pissed, robbed and twatted" is here again with inner scan too.
"Pissed, robbed and twatted" was contributed by Hzp and its a recording from a disastrous gig at MKNZ-Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia that completed the bad luck of this tour: A Lost passport, a stolen leather jacket and more shit, you can find more in inner cover. That night a guy named Korn Mara punched Wayne in the face, there is a video from that night, this guy appears there and some months ago when Malisha Old 666 discovered the video informed us that he was member of his band and the whole thing was cos of a misunderstanding from his side.
Sore Throat's 7" comes with this little treasure of full scans and if i 'm not mistaken this artwork appears for first time on the web, blame Whispy not me for this! It comes from a two euro boot copy accidentally found in a distro somewhere in Europe and bought just for the hell of it. Grind it down!!

"Police bastard" comes from one the later pressings: There is a mention of Wayne's demise inside, no need to say anything about it.
Anyway, i included the artwork from earlier pressings, there s nothing else to say, download and enjoy it, and in case you didn't see the edit in Nuclear Death Terror post, the band offers for free the "Ceaseless desolation" 7"


Malisha Old 666 said...

The name is not Korn, but Mara. I've explained the whole drunken fuck-up of his somewhere on crustcracker. Thanks for the link for video. It is the video from that night, but you can't see him (or the incident) on it so I can't rub it in his face once more. It was good to see some faces that I don't see anymore and it is good that you can't see me 'cause I had the worst hairdo ever that year. My friends called it after me actually. Ha-ha.

7inchcrust said...

we have to ask Chris to rip this video and upload it somewhere, he told me this guy is on the this video, i guess he meant another and not this part of the video :)

bs said...

can't get enough of this

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