V/A - Standardsituationen 2

Finally back with a new post after some time during which Billy shouldered the entire blog burden. This is not the post I originally had in mind, but it will have to do - it's a pretty good compilation, after all. So, yes, yet another compilation & probably a somewhat obscure one - in fact, I got this from a german (it was put out in Germany) & I've only heard greek people ever discussing (or owning...) it (Ναυτία/Naytia - greek for Nausea - contribute a song, albeit in the same version contained in their LP). Seeing as this has been an Antifa benefit, I can only hope it fared better back in the day than its current status would indicate.

I'll keep it short, then. Naytia contribute Χρυσή Νεολαία (Golden Youth); further, the awesome belgians Nations On Fire (what a band! some blogwise-old-timers might remember this post as well) contribute T.V. Reality, which also appeared in the "Death Of The Pro-Lifer" LP. This rounds up Side B - Side A, on the other hand, contains a long track by House Of Suffering ("Insel" - german for island), & I'd have to be a liar to write that I knew House Of Suffering when I bought this. In fact, I still know next to nothing about them, but at least search engines can probably deliver more information on this band nowdays than 5 years ago. Naturally, I also rely on german readers of this blog to fill us all in, as "Insel" is as solid a track as I've (re)heard in a long time.

That's it folks, it's getting pretty late. Enjoy.


7inchcrust said...

nice to see Naytia in another compilation, :)
Pope posted Standardsituationen #3 inc. Panikos, Sleeper,..But Alive and others, worth to check it too

Toxik Boys said...

thanks for the music and info

great post friend


Anonymous said...

HOUSE OF SUFFERING from Cologne (first BEAM ME UP SCOTTY that made their name change because an US metalband was older) came out of legendary WUT (split-LP with SOS, etc): drummer came from KGB, guitarist was of LEMMING PROJECT(BMUS made a 4-way split with) and the basser's last band was brilliant AMOCO CADIZ: http://www.myspace.com/amococadiz
(they had an unreleased album also...)
HOS had a few LPs out and were also on the SOMETHING IS WRONG compilation with DUNKLE TAGE, KINA, HALLE 54, SCHWARZE FEUER,...
Allthough they never made t-shirts you can get one from PLASTC BOMB, haha.
Here's the WUT LP:

Anonymous said...

On said compilation HOS is still WUT:
The 4-bands split was "There is nothing i like to say" with
accio directa, young blood, beam me up scotty, lemming project

7inchcrust said...

thanks for the infos,cheers! :)