Crocodile Skink/No Security split 7"

Japanese crust vs Swedish crusty hardcore: No Security/Crocodile Skink split was released in 1990 on CS own label Crocodile Skink Records. Crocodile Skink were a crust band from Tokyo Japan, they were formed in 1990 and this split was their first record, no much to say about them since we have already met them in their eponymous ep(check for their discography and other infos) and in "Tokyo Crusties" comp, some members were in a rock band called Snowline and from a discussion in Burning Japan i discovered that the vocalist is brother of Framtid' singer

No Security was formed in 1986 in Eskilstuna, a city about 100 kilometers west of Stockholm. Back in these days Johan Liljegren (guitar) was also in TT-Task while other members joined later bands such as Meanwhile, Kvoteringen, Imperial Leather and Krigshot
No Security recorded two demos: "32 L.tars" (1986) and demo II (1987). Their official discography includes "40-talisterna" 7" (1987,Studiefjämjandet, re-released in 1989 on Chickenbrain Records), a split 7" w Cruel Maniax (1988,Cruel Records), the legendary split w Doom (1989,Peaceville), the "Hycklarefolket" ep (1990,MB Records) and split lp w Valvontakomissio (1990, Finn). In 1993 the "When the gist is sucked from the fruit of welfare the ugly faces of truth will show" cd (Lost and Found Records) came out including alternative versions, early demos and previously unreleased tracks.... No Security also contributed tracks in some compilations including Really Fast vol 4 (1988,Really Fast Records)
(No Security demo links are taken from Masken's Blog as Fuck)
No Security:
1. Med vilken rätt
2. Politikernas misstag
3. Kollaps
Crocodile Skink:
1. Betray
2. Contradiction
3. Animal a right and human of a duty


Anonymous said...

man i have been gone for a while, but once again i am back!

i remember the last post with this band great stuff mate.

i was wondering if you would post my band on you blog. i mean its cool if you dont want to, but if feels so amazing having people listen to music i have a part in making. you can hear us here-

all the info, album cover, and album download link is on there already. it would really help me out.

thanks so much. keep it sleezy.

Slobodan Burgher said...

Wow, with this post you just raised the bar of the punk/diy blogosphere another fifty feet. Impressive.

Slobodan Burgher said...
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7inchcrust said...

@ Slobbo:
fifty feet higher and i m closer to Only-in-it-for-the-music, hahahhaaha.

@ Stewart:R.O.T demo will be in Crst-Demos
as soon as possible. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much man it means a lot to me!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that ya'all have help me to put our culture out there. I love you enjoy:


Anonymous said...

i miss this piece of wax. if meant a lot to find it in a small record store in Eau Claire WI. I dunno, I'm pretty drunk.

Anonymous said...

CROCODILE SKINK are one of the best of the crust-punk bands from Japan. Really hard driven and vicious. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

it was actually released by DIY Records, the lead singer of Battle of Disarm's label

Anonymous said...

No security:
Jallu, the drummer was a member of FINN-REC and SIKA ÄPÄRÄ community.
Harri, the singer, become a big rock'n'roll star in Sweden with KENT.
Robban, the bass player, become an homeless drug addict, but are on the right track now.
Smebbe, the guitarist become an avergae swede in the early stage of the band (and was replaced with a new member)