Death Side-Satisfy the instinct 7"

This is the first ep of legendary Death Side, released back in 1897 1987. They were one of the greatest Japanese bands, formed in mid 80's and disbanded about a decade later. They released several records (the classic 7"s All is here now and The will never die ,the Wasted Dream lp, Bet on the possibility and the split w Chaos UK) and appeared in many compilations, (Eye Of The Thrash Guerrilla lp, Smashing Odds Ness 8", Starving Dog Eats Master lp etc) after they disbanded, members formed some great bands: Paintbox(the band of Chelsea), Forward(the singer and the bassist) and Judgement(the drummer along with former Bastard members).
Satisfy the instinct 7" was released by Selfish Records in 1987 and it is included in the The will never die, a 2xCD compilation released by Nucleus,. Here they offer six tracks of traditional japanese hardcore blending it with influences from Scandinavia. Shouting vocals,fast tempos and thick guitars with catchy riffs. The production is good and the cover artwork is gloomy and comes from the classic horror movie "Phantom of the Opera" of 1920. A classic!


Anonymous said...

"Selfish Records in 1897"

Pretty groundbreaking stuff. Haha, all joking aside Deathside kills.

7inchcrust said...

"Selfish Records in 1897"
its ok now, thanks for this, i think we just found a link for punk existence in 1800's hahahhah :)

mike said...

i'm a little ignorant of japanese hardcore outside of Gauze and Confuse, but it's ridiculous how awesome I find this band. thanks for turning me on to death side.

7inchcrust said...

you should check these blogs:
and as we sort here the posts by country, you should check this:

Jerboa 666 said...

thanx re gamo!!! psaxno apegnosmena forward (jap) gia download k eidika gia vynilia mipws exeis idea pou borw na vrw? i kapoio disto me japcore


7inchcrust said...

geia xara
Forward mporeis na vreis s'afto to blog:
exei to What are you gonna get ep k to Act then decide ep
o Darek fernei kata kairous kana giaponeziko (Nightmare,Framtid,Gauze,Dislcose klp) alla einai fysika kainourgies kyklofories (pantos persy to kalokairi eixe ferei ena apistefto bootleg ton Bastard me oli ti diskografia tous se ene 12")vinylio)

Jerboa 666 said...

thanx re! kai to psaximo sinexizetai hehe. an vrw kati tha su pw.

兩津 said...
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