Svart Sno-Ren, Saker och billig! 7"

I dont know much about these guys: They were from Sweden and they had a few cd's (Nemesis Divina, '92,Besserwisser, '94 and Smock'n Roll, '96) and a split with Atomvinter (10",'96).
Ren, saker och billig! was put out by Finn Records in 1989 . They remind me Kafka Prossess with this raw punky hardcore riffs and the voice sounds slightly like Gunar's vocals, i noticed Kafka Prosess just to make you understand their sound ands style. Anyway, here they offer four tracks of raw hardcore and basic bass lines, shouting vocals and fast tempos. Actually, this must be the first record Finn Records have ever put out, an insert was included and there must be a second press of it. I don't know if they were connected with other bands, probably they were, all i know is the drummer of Sunday Morning Einsteins were also in Svart Sno. Could any Scandi crustie out there contribute some more info?


1. Det Hande anda

3. Doda mig

4. Ren, saker och billig!


Anonymous said...

hejda, few infos at

Pogel said...

I picked up a copy of this on ebay recently. I guess its still fairly easy to get hold of. Fierce stuff that's got a good pedigree.

Anonymous said...

yo dig my new crib

Anonymous said...

another small bio of the band:

it's worth noting that svart sno's peter hirseland is a member of SAC ( - he even represented it in interview printed in an old issue of the PE mag.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Svart Sno rules. At least on this record. I posted their discography cd before but frankly I find the rest of the stuff kind of generic if not great lyrically. One thing that I'd like to see posted somewhere (i lost my copy many many years ago) is that live compilation from Copenhagen with Svart Sno, Hiatus etc.

Anonymous said...

First press:; 1000 copies with "hard" cover sleeves + lyrics and print on the record.
2nd press: sloppy coversleeves with no print on the record and no lyric sheets (few of the 2:nd press got lyric sheets/print on the record,but no "hard" covers"

Anonymous said...

First release on Finnrecords because they where good friends of finnrec/no security/sika äpärä fanzine