Bombanfall-Εsiktsfrihet 7"

Bombanfall was formed in Sweden in mid 80's, they played a few gigs in their short life as Bombanfall and released this 7" before changing their name to Two Moon Rising: The vinyl was already pressed, the cover artwork was printed when the band decided to change name , so a sticker was put on the back cover informing "Text oh musik Two Moon Rising". They continued as Two Moon Rising but never recorded anything (T.M.R. was the name of an Indian chief who fought against general Custer in Little Big Horn)
Asiktsfrihel (Freedom of opinion) was selfreleased in 1987 (thought the lyrics insert says "Inspelad och mixad pa Bee Three Bee Records=recorded and mixed by..) and is an excellent piece of brutality with six tracks of powerful crustcore in the vein of old n good Extreme Noise Terror with brutal vocals, raw guitars and blasting drums, all come in raw sound quality. A sheet with the lyrics was included in copies that had the sticker on back. Excellent piece of brutality.
Disfear covered Halsning fran helvetet in Powerload 7", i think Asiktsfrihel is included in the Hardcore elitserien vol.1 comp and there is also the "All hope lost..Swedish hardcore" unofficial tape compilation including the entire ep. Back cover with sticker is blatantly stolen from Good Bad Music

1. Asiktsfrihet
2. Ogon i morkret
3. Aforismer
4. Iskallt regn
5. Halsning fran helvetet
6. Mot en stralande framtid



Daniel said...

The lyric sheet came with copies that contained the "TWO MOONS RISING" sticker on the back as the copies with no stickers that I've had came with no insert. Also be sure if you want of a copy this EP write to Herman from the band as he has a box of unplayed copies
His e-mail;

Great 7" wish they had more releases.

Thanks for putting my blog on here too!


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STiG-NZ said...

Great site. I just started a blog if you want to take a look. It's punk, grind metal stuff, but I have some real sweet demo's to go up.

Anonymous said...

i dont get it.
is it here downloadable or what ?
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