Bombanfall-Asiktsfrihet 7" (1987,selfreleased)

"To set the record right; we had 3 gigs. In Stockholm with Asta Kask and once at Ultra Huset-the legendary house of punk and also in Gothenburg at the anarchist festival with bands like Disarm and other heros. Our name was Two Moons Rising( taken from the native American chief who fought the oppressors and general Custer in Little Big Horn.)."
This was written by Herman guitarist of Bombanfall in 7inchpunk. Asiktsfrihet (Freedom of opinion) is their only recorded material, it came out in 1987 and its a milestone of powerful and brutal crustcore that stands equal to other diamonds of Swedish scene of 80's such as Anti Cinex, Disarm, Shitlickers and others: Is this a blasphemy? no noway! this record rules! Brutal vocals, aggressive guitars and blasting drums, though not much D-beat drumming here. The whole thing is very close to the old n good Extreme Noise Terror era.
The record was selfreleased and 500 copies or so were made, the band changed their name to Two Moon Rising after the record was released so some copies had a sticker on back side informing "Text oh musik Two Moon Rising". These copies included a red sheet with lyrics and this info:"Inspelad och mixad pa Bee Three Bee Records"=recorded and mixed byBee Three Bee Records.
Disfear covered Halsning fran helvetet in Powerload 7", the entire Asiktsfrhet ep appears in Hardcore elitserien vol. 1-It Is Yourself Who Makes It Possible bootleg lp and All Hope Lost..Swedish hardcore 1982-1993 bootleg tape, Kill From The Heart says they were included in Delirium Tremens vol 14, Mr Toxik from Crucified For Your Sins posted this tape but there is no sign of them.Edit:in fact Bombanfall appear in Delirium Tremens #4 , thanks -Chris-!!!
This was the only release of Bombanfall. Erich (Fear of God, Good Bad Music) wrote about an offer for a future ep release on his own label Off Disc Records but TMR asked for a shitload of money upfront so things didn't work out.
This was posted back in summer of 2007 and here it is again in fresh new rip and scans (no sticker and lyrics sheet though). Nowadays this is a shit of rarity but if you really want a piece of it, Herman still got some copies:"I´ve got some unplayed 7″ left from that time for those wanting to blow up e-bay paranoia ripoff prices like 105 us dollars for a used 7″ with us…what a bunch of bullshit! Punk and e-bay….NOT a combination!Drop me a line at my e-mail: nopartial (at) hotmail (dot)com"


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Anonymous said...

this dude was asking like $75 for the ep some years ago. still is too fuckin much! id only pay $30, tops! its a piece of fuckin wax! anyone know what he's asking these days?

7inchcrust said...

still selling it for 45-50 euro or so, which is 60-75 $.yes its fucking much for a piece of paper and a piece of wax but not as much as the overrated Anti Cimex seven inches (despite of standing equal to these) still expensive though just like other crust classics (Deviated Instinct or Amebix 7"s),its sad but true:punk vinyls is business,fuckin business....

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Hey there!
the Bombanfall's song that appeared on Delirium Tremens was ''Tintin I Kongo'' and was on DT's Tape #4 not on the #14


7inchcrust said...

hey -Chris-,thanks for the info and for correcting me.Tintin I Kongo is a sweet find,never heard it before,cheers!