Napalm Death-Live 7" (bootleg)

Another piece of shit from the old good days of grindcore era and the classic line up of Napalm Death: This is another unofficial shit and delivers some live recordings from 1988 when Lee Dorian and Billy Steer were in the band. It was released in 1989 by Guts records, it is simply titled as "Live" and there is a note "recorded somewhere in Europe" so sometimes its confused with Live in Europe 7". There are ten tracks on vinyl's surface and bring about twelve minutes of flesh rotting grinding noise and the sonic paranoia on stage. There were two paper versions: black/white and yellow/black and some tracklist misprints (Prison without walls is printed as Prision with out walls and Pseudo youth as Seudo Youth).


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thanks for this
old napalm death rules

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Just found this blog, it's awesome! Anyway thanks for all the uploads, keep up the good work!!