Napalm Death-Untitled (a.k.a Live in Europe) 7"

This is for old Napalm Death maniacs who dig their old shit and discover forgotten treasures like this live 7" known as Live in Europe or simply Untitled 7". This was the first release of Rise Above Records,the label of Lee Dorian, it came out in 1989, there were two sleeve versions,the inside of the sleeve folds out to a poster, 2500 copies were made and most of them were sold on the UK/European tour of Napalm Death/SOB in summer of 1989.
The vinyl surface delivers thirteen tracks including some one-second tracks such as You Suffer and Dead.Recordings come from '88 gigs in Roskilde and Copenhagen, Danmark and London at the SOAS.
There is also another 10 song live 7" from 1989 known as Untitled or Live somewhere in Europe,(Gut Records) and of course there was the Curse 7"
Many thanks to Hzp who contributed this,cheers dude!

01:Multinational corprations
02:Unchallenged hate
03:The kill
04:Lucid fairytale
08:Make way
98:In extremis
11:Common enemy
13:You suffer


Anonymous said...

thanx for all this stuff here!

Anonymous said...

Anybody knows where to download this rarity? Thanks...

7inchcrust said...

yeah there must be somewhere

Anonymous said...

Thanks a for a quick response. Awesome stuff!! Napalms at their best! :D

denial said...

Can anyone upload this somewhere and post a link to download. Thanks.