Excruciating Terror-Legacy of Hate 7"

Excruciating Terror was an old school grindcore act from LA,California, they formed in 1990 including Dino Cazeres who later joined Fear Factory (E.T. was the first band ever of Cazares).
They recorded a demo tape and Legacy of Hate was their first vinyl release, it came out in 1991 on Torched Records, it was followed by Expression of hate lp in 1996, Live at Gilman 7" (1997,Pessimizer Rec.s), Divided we fall (1997) and a split w Agathocles was their last release.
The band split in 1998, members formed Endless Demise (along with people from Nausea LA)
There's no need to say much about what you get here: Legacy of Hate delivers the typical old school inferno of grinding tuned down guitars with fast outbreaks and blastbeats to slower twisted and emotional parts, distorted bass and deep low growling vocals
01:Legacy of Hate
02:Careless attitude
03:Vision of terror
04:Worldwide terror



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members of ET also play in Bloody Phoenix

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Link is not working.

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