Civil Disobedience-In a few Hours of Madness 7''

Another classic 7" on Havoc Records. Civil Disobedience was formed in Michigan, 1992 and In a few hours of madness was released in 1993 delivering four tracks and a a storm of power-violency speedy guitar riffs to the limit of thrash, fast rhythms and great bass lines. Two guys handling the vocals spitting caustic political lyrics (the record comes with lyrics sheet and gate fold cover). Along with Aus Rotten's Fuck nazi sympathy this is one of the most consistent selling releases for Havoc Rec.s (first pressing: 1000. Second pressing:1000. Third pressing: 1900 back and 100 on green. Fourth pressing: 2000 on gold. Fifth pressing: 2000 on red. Sixth pressing: 2000 on marbled). Felix policy is to keep such records still in print so this is still available and there will be no any download link.
Civil Disobedience first recording was the Political Prisoners demo tapethat was distributed by Profane Existence's mail order. They released a lp on Profane with different line up and called it quits around 1998...
Side Spinach:
1. Planet of the Fakes
2. Faith no sight
Side Virtual:
3. Manufactured Citizens
4. The Unavoidable Process.


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Unknown said...

grande hc antigão! civil disobedience. this band I never has hearded... only in havoc´s catalogue. but is a great eua-Hc !

Anonymous said...

Great. One of my favorite records of all time.

Frig_Hekkin said...

Still one of my favorite 7" to date. Holds a lot of good memories of finding great music. I still have my first press release but it skips like mad and sounds terrible from being played so much.
I've ordered a new one since then and am thinking it might be time to hit up Havoc for another copy!

7inchcrust said...

yeah Felix keeps treasures like this still in print so everyone can buy it for 3-4 bucks or so instead of paying much more on eBay. i got this some years ago and still put it on my turntable from time to time.

mikxxx said...

poluagapimene mou mipos mporeis na to anevaseis olokliro?

7inchcrust said...

pou pas k ta skalizeis afta ta palia.telos panton kati tha ginei don;t worry
btw sto Resolve/Consume (nai ekei me ta sxolia gia tin typissa) exo idi valei nea skans k tha anevaso k to neo rip kapia stigmi (polla svismena link re gmt..)