Amebix-Who's the Enemy 7"

Crust term was first coined by Hellbastard, Stenchcore term was first used by Deviated Instinct but Amebix were those who first released a crust record: Back in the days of early '80's the Crust term was still unknown and a band called Band With No Name changed name and released a piece of bad played metal under the name Amebix and brought something new. There were influences of Killing Joke, UK Decay and Motorhead's punk side here and there, black and white cover artwork and a feeling of despair and vanity: Music wise, lyrically and aesthetically there was a poetic nightmare for a post nuclear winter life in a scarred barren earth and the upcoming hour of extinction of humanity . An apocalyptic picture of a collapsed civilization and life in ruins that was reproduced for thousands of times from all these crust bands that worship the legends who started crust genre back in UK. The rest are history well known
Who's the enemy was originally set as a 2 song 7"that's why there are lyrics for two songs inside the gatefold cover(see here). Released on Spiderleg, August 28, 1982., it was followed by "Winter" 7",another milestone in the history of Crust and "No Sanctuary" 12" ep,both on Spiderleg. "Arise" and Monolith lp's completed the legend and led Amebix to the book of golden age of UK metallic crust along with Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct and other mythical acts...After a while, countless hordes of stinking crusties started to repeat the agony and despair that Amebix first created ever
Alternative Tentacles released recently No Sanctuary-The-Spiderleg Recordings lp/cd including the first three releases on that label
1. Carnage
2 Curfew
3. Belief
4. No Gods, No Masters



Slobodan Burgher said...

Best band ever imho. Discharge can hang - Amebix is where it's at! Lol.

Anonymous said...

FUCK YES. One of the best and most historically significant (yet criminally underrated) bands ever to walk the earth. I've been wanting to get my hands on these old EP tracks forever, so many thanks.

I hope the old guys do get that DVD together, and a collection of all of these rare tracks would be totally ace as well. So damn good...

Anonymous said...

Amebix-Risen dvd on youtube:

Anonymous said...

is missing the link to download

7inchcrust said...

link is fixed.
also get there:
new Amebix 12" ep