Sore Throat-Death to Capitalist Hardcore 7"

More than 40 tracks for approximately 13 minutes of noise! This is drunk political grinding noisecore!
Sore Throat was formed in 1987 in UK, they are known for their "we don't fucking care" attitude, harsh humor and mockery in their music about other bands and society. They went too far and even openly taunted and mocked such bands as Napalm Death,Sex Pistols and DRI.
Death to Capitalist Hardcore 7" (also known as self-titled ep) was released in 1987 and its a straight forward noise core attack with roaring vocals, noisy guitar and all this in a "who gives a fuck?" attitude. It was included as bonus in Unhindered By Talent lp and there is also a bootleg version of it. Released on Acid Rain Records (UK label), 1000 copies were pressed,only one white label test pressing. Sleeves all hand folded in one cider fueled afternoon. Bootlegged 3 times with red/black sleeve
01) Intro (Rapist Die)
02) War System
03) D.T.C.H.C.
04) Sacrilege (To The Scene)
05) Vac Head
06) Pesticide Death
07) Process Of Elimination
08) Trenchfoot
09) S.S.A. Pt. II
10) Satan's Radish
11) Fungacidal Tendencies
12) R.O.T.
13) Only the Dead
14) Bomb The Whitehouse
15) Enviromental Suicide
16) Broken Brains & D.Y.W.R. (2 tracks here)
17) Devoid Of Compassion
18) Go Home
19) Attack Of The English Gumby Punks
20) D.F.W.H.
21) Wehr-crap
22) Intestinal Skipping Rope
23) Bloody Hardcore
24) Virus
25) Dissapearing Mark
26) No Room To Talk
27) Wictim Of A Stage Dive
28) I.C.I. Fuck Off And Die
29) Thrash Against Fascism
30) Backflip Splat
31) Yo Barman
32) Social Genocide
33) D.R.I. E.M.I.
34) Born Again Christian
35) Utterly Tuneless
36) M.F.N. (Money For Nobheads)
37) Lynch The Cops
38) Scream Bloody Trout
39) Life
40) Join The army
41) The Ballad Of Billy Milano


Unknown said...

... I thinked "I'll like to see any SORE THROAT stuff"... And today I see the self-untittled Ep !!! VERY, VERY,VERY THANX !!!
sub-reptício {brasil/south-amerikkka}

Anonymous said...

thaaaaaaanks...along with patareni, this is my favourite noisecore/grind/filthpunk/antigg-allin/whatever band....greetings from the baalkkkans

annie's animal said...

sore throat = destroyers of music !!!
great band

Anonymous said...

That's blog is bloody good!! Great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi pal.
Something isn't right on the list. The first track here's "Pesticide Death", before the last reverse song, should be "The Ballad of Billy Milano".
The intro is taken from the movie "Cannibal Ferox", War System is a Shitlikers cover, aren't included here.

7inchcrust said...

u r right, thanks. too may tracks to put in the right order.. i changed the link, i hope everything is ok now,i ripped the "death to..." tracks from the "death to capitalist halmshaw"cd so there is no change for any mistake in the track list, (there will be a repost of 7" in a few days) thanks