Hibernation-st 7"

Hibernation along with Panikos and Naytia are the most widely known abroad bands from Greece. They formed in 1997 by Alex, former guitarist of legendary Chaotic End and Forgotten Prophecy, they recorded a demo tape and this is their first vinyl release on Malarie Records
The next years the band was active and released Loneliness 7" (2000,Power it Up/Maximum Voice) and Into The Silence Of Eternal Sorrow lp (20003,Skuld Releases), After a long hiatus (Alex is married with Yanna
(drums and formerly in Nuclear Winter) and raising kids takes time and effort, recently they came back in action with a new bassist (Mel from Straighthate) and started playing gigs.
The record comes with a nicely done booklet with lyrics and translation in English, after all these years the image of front cover has become their logo. Lyrics deal with socio-political topics in a personal view creating haunting pictures of a poisoned past and a dark present and future.The surface of vinyl brings four tracks, two fast and two mi-paced. Music wise they deliver a blending of Nausea and Doom with a metal edged apocalyptic crust feeling, vocals are deep low, the guitar is thick with dark and heavy riffs that are technical enough, the rhythm section is excellent. the sound quality is dissent,some keyboards here and there add some agony and fear in the dark atmosphere while some guitar solos that appear from time to time work really nicely.

Hibernation-st 7" (@320)


Unknown said...

Chaotic End was fucking great! Downloading to hear if HIBERNATION it´s so cool too.

mikxxx said...

3 years of delay.
I think in this release yanna does not play. instead of yanna i think in drums (and bass) are two guys from deadly silence and one the second guitar savvas (from anatellon tromos)cheers

7inchcrust said...

yes Mikxxx you stand correct:the last page of booklet says so, Yanna wasn't in the band while they weer recording these tracks
cheers to you