Nuclear Winter/Incriminated-split 7"

Nuclear Winter from Greece was formed in 1995 as Pyrinikos Xeimonas (nuclear winter in Greek) including in their line up Yanna who later joined Hibernation. Their first release was the s/t mcd in 1997, a crust treasure and a homage to Amebix/Axegrinder riffs and Bolt Thrower heaviness.
This split 7" with the black/death metallers Incriminated from Finland is their second effort, it was released by the Finnish label Shades Of Autumn Productions (currently called Breath Of Pestilence) and was limited to only 300 copies. Here the band makes the first step to metal territory and the guitar riffs have old school death metal elements but you can find the crust spirit still remaining: Heavy, dark and emotional breaks followed by faster parts all in thick guitar metal heaviness of Bolt Thrower, metal edged riffs and brutal growling vocals. Perfect! In 2002 they appeared in Warriors of Morbid Moon tape comp. and one year the recording of "
Abomination virginborn" demo tape (which later was re-released as 7" by Blast Beat Mailmurder) marked their final step to death metal area... members now are in Dead Congregation and Inveracity,(both are death metal acts)
ncriminated is a death/black metal band from Finland with metal lyrics and has nothing common to the bands posted here,only a few words about their lyrics:In their Metal-Archives page they state:""If you think Incriminated are nazis for dealing with historical topics, then you are nazi yourself!" but then their lyrics in the split w/ Barbatos are a bit different.. check it your self and the conclusion is yours...
Nuclear Winter side:
1:Coagulating blood
2:Withered Youth
Incriminated side:
1:Anything You Desire

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Incriminated is Sami from Katastrofilaue/Sivillimurha and 20 other bands. He dropped out of punk like 5 years ago and deals exclusively in "necrometal" now. Awesome guy.

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Nuclear Winter 2nd track "Withered Youth" is incomplete, the end is missing...

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track is fixed.