Summon the Crows-st 7"

Summon the Crows come from Oslo, Norway, they were formed in 2000 and this is their first vinyl release delivering an extreme crust storm with black metal influences. The combination of raw guitar riffs, blast beats and brutal deep low hoarse vocals have nothing to do with the usual crust feeling since black metal brutality brings a dark tone and drums are more ferocious than the usual drumming of dis-crust bands. 9 short tracks for about 9 minutes total running time, the package is nicely done in threefold cover including the lyrics (and translation in English) and the excellent artwork by Mid(Deviated Instinct, etc) completes the dark feeling.
This 7" was released by Nakkeskudd Plater Records (NxSxP-001) in 2003 2004 (thanks Stian) and 666 pieces of black vinyl were pressed. Tracks are available for free in their old site,Heart First still has some copies.Recently the band released the Scavengers Feast lp, there's also a demo. For more infos about their recent activities check their myspace
And here is a story of an old myth describing the name of band, a kind of mythic legend that is related to the front cover artwork and somehow removing the band into the black metal fields (but the lyrics are still in the punk/hardcore area so they can be considered a crust band):
Once upon a time there was two giant nations fighting over who was to run the world, and in both of these nations there was brave men and women fighting against the absurd idea of running the world. In one of the nations, the very young one, there were an ancient people that still had not been put to complete silence, even though the ruling people had tried to do so since the birth of the nation. The problem of the ruling people, of which they were not aware, was that the ancient ones knew their land and the magic of their land. The ruling people, however, had only been there for a few hundred years or so and were ignorant to anything but what they saw as rational and their own greed.

Every fourth year the seven mightiest shamans of the ancient people would gather their tribes in the north of their land to have a meeting where the shamans would find out about the future and decide where they would go next. The powers of the shamans was so great that every meeting seven eagles would come flying in from the different directions of the sky and circle above them from the meeting begun till it's end. Then one year one especially brave man was missing from the meeting. When his shaman became aware of this, he demanded to know where this man was. The answer he got was that the man was being held captured by the ruling people in what they called a "prison", for the ruling people felt very threatened by him. The shaman became very sad when he heard this, and decided that he had to go out to the prison to meet his struggling tribesman.

When he came to the prison he went to speak with the guards and asked for permission to speak to the prisoner. Unsurprisingly the guards were not willing to let him in and the shaman came back outside with unfinished business. But the shaman knew a way… He sat down in front of the prison-gate and began waiting. And as he was sitting there, with his people behind him, crows started gathering in the trees behind him and the air above him, and after a while the sky was black with crows, and the noise was becoming so loud that the guards inside the prison could not hear what they were saying to each other. As the situation inside the prison was becoming more and more unbearable, the guards made a decision. They would let the shaman give them a message that they would bring on to his tribesman. So they told the shaman, and the shaman told them to bring this message on to the brave prisoner: "You will not be held captured here for as long as you have been told. No, you will sit here for three years, three months and three days. No more." And so he left. The guards laughed a little between themselves in their ignorant manner, but the shaman had seemed very certain and it made them feel a slight doubt about their ways, before they went inside and brought on the message.

Three years, three months and three days later the leader of the ruling people of the young nation and the leader of the nation with which they were fighting over the ridiculous cause, were having a meeting. On this meeting the leader of the young nation put forth a demand that the other nation would release some of their political prisoners, for that was the name for the kind of people held captured for their beliefs. The other nation agreed on the demand, on the term that the young nation would do the same. The young nation accepted the terms. On this specific day the brave tribesman happened to be on top of the list over political prisoners in the young nation and so he was released.

And here ends the story, but as far as I know the ancient people is still struggling for their way of life, and the ruling people is still ruling in their ignorant way. But maybe if we summon the crows one more time… If we manage to summon all the crows, all the forces needed to create change, then maybe…

Fra Dypet
So the mindless dance continues
The virus
Vend det andre kinnet 'til
Alone and forgotten
The brutality


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norge rules ok - goe gutter rokker jarnet!

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Thanx for posting about 7inchcrust in
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7inchcrust said...

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thankssss man..this is fuking cool

Anonymous said...

just a notice: the record was released in 2004.

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