Filth of Mankind-Czas Konca Wieku 7"

This is dark and heavy metallic crust by some dudes who worship Amebix, Axegrinder and '80's metallic crust: Filth of Mankind come from Poland and Czas konca wieku 7" was released in 1999 by Pawel' s label Scream Records,here some shit from their site:
F.o.M.formed in early 1996 by: Maciek - vocals, Milosz - guitar, vocals, Pawel - guitar, Lazej - bass and Balon - drums. Some of us played also in a few other bands at that time: Money Drug, Stench Of Death, Noise Grass, Protest And Survive, etc. Forming F.O.M. we wanted to focus on the heavier and darker sound to illustrate the lyrics about subject as old and cliché as still urgent and annoying - such as politicians’ swindles, brutality of their thugs in uniforms, the madness of neverending consumption, poverty of the living as a cog in the capitalist machine or sick moral standards force fed since our birth and leading to lack of tolerance, respect or understanding any forms of diversity. Another important part of our lyrical content are visions of the apocalypse, towards which in our opinion, the humankind unavoidably goes. For such a verbal/musical approach we decided the best fitting name was the title of the Misery song - Filth Of Mankind (one of the other options was The Darkest Hour off the Amebix song - luckily we didn’t choose that, as there’s other band named D.H in the U.S.).
So after a few months of writing the songs (and a summer holiday) we played our first show. Since that time we played in 10 or 11 countries, recorded a 7” EP and the full length album called “The Final Chapter” (available on CD/MC and soon to be out on vinyl too) and survived 10 years despite numerous line-up changes, periods of lack of the practice space, traveling around the globe, broken collarbone and other obstacles. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger, as they say.Our current line-up is: Kalka - vocals, Michal - guitar, Pawel - guitar, Ciapa - bass and Balon - drums"

Czas konca wieku delivers four tracks of heavy crust, the sound quality is excellent, songs vary from midpaced and slow to faster, guitars are thick and heavy and deliver metallic riffs, vocals are rough and lyrics deal with topics such as sexism, indifference, animal rights and alienation that leads to destruction of mankind. Scream still has some copies available, if you want a copy contact w Pawel at Scream's myspace or via mail screamrecs (AT)
listen:Czas końca wieku


Slobodan Burgher said...

cheers love the blog - linking now

Slobodan Burgher said...

hold on - the file is 0 mb - think you messed it up...try again!


7inchcrust said...

thanx for posting i just uploaded it again and its ok now,

Curious Guy said...

I still prefer their album. Got it on tape for years and it was finally issued on vinyl last year. Pavel is a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is - & the album sounds indeed better than the 7" (but the 7" looks damned cool & dark, haha!). I discovered only recently that the album came out on vinyl on end, i've been waiting for ages so in the end it was like a 'the boy that cried wolf' situation. (That Arson Records who was gonna release it ended up folding mustn't have helped either...)

Anonymous said...

Great to see that EP up here, we're all for it being available for a free download and it's an honour to be among these bands up here. But if someone wants to get the original, it's still available so feel free to get in touch with me via or through email: screamrecs (AT)

F.O.M.'s MySpace is: and the website:

And it's cool to see some people knowing me here hahaha! Cheers!!!