Hellbastard - They Brought Death 7"

Hellbastard need no introduction and here is an old gem by them: They Brought Death was released by Temple of Love Records in 1988, 1000 copies were pressed in clear gold and blue vinyl, the package includes a sheet with some lyrics and special thanks and a second sheet with flyer drowing and infos about Temple of Love releases (Temple of Love was a Germany based label and back in 1988 released the infamous Fear of God 7"). They Brought Death brings two tracks (plus an intro) and a blending of crust and thrashy metal riffs and Scruff’s guttural snarls: Schwärzwasser is the emotional intro that leads to the thrashy mid tempo attack of Deadlock, and eponymous track, imagine Venom meeting Amebix or to coin Maximum Rock n Roll "Crass meets Metallica", both tracks are too long and despite the metal influences and the "too much metal" guitar sound and riffs, this still stands at least with one foot in the crust/punk territory. Hellbastard's later records delivered predictable Bay Area thrash metal but their early stuff (Hate Militia and Ripper crust demo tapes and Heading for Internal Darkness lp from 1988) makes them one of the 80's UK crust legends, do i need to remind you that the Crust term as a genre appeared in Ripper Crust demo for first time? They Brought Death delivers the goods, nowadays is collector's item and each time it appears on Ebay some bidding farts are after it.
3:They Brought Death


Slobodan Burgher said...

cheers - running through the ones here that i dont have as mp3 - great stuff - here's a big thanks again - and this is fakkken klassikkkk!

7inchcrust said...

thanx! :) some 80's & 90's classics are going to be posted from time to time:Amebix, Antisect, Misery, Concrete Sox, Deviated Instinct etc,
as well as Nausea, Disrupt, Destroy, Deviated Instinct and the list goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I was happily going through my day until i saw this! I don't have it & i want it, arghhhhh!... In fact, predictable thrash or not, Hellbastard rocked my world big time 15 years ago when i bought & listened to "Natural Order." So, thanks!

P.S.: They're also the main heroes in one of the best among all those anecdotal stories that make my head looki like a junkyard - check it out here on your own (search for ashtray, though the entire piece is genius): http://homepage.ntlworld.com/acidstings/HELLBASTARD.htm.html

& sorry for linking...

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