SS Decontrol-The kids have had their say 7" (bootleg,1990)

A little hardcore break and the first sXe record ever posted in this blog: Never thought i see me posting a straight edge record but what the hell... SS Decontrol (a.k.a. SSD) were "one of the first Boston hardcore bands and the core of the infamous "Boston Crew and the "narrow minds who think the narrow way"(mentioned in the liner notes to This is Boston Not LA of Modern Method Records). Their hardcore testament were The Kids Will Have Their Say 12"(1982, XClaim!/Dischord Rec.s), and Get it away LP (1983, XClaim!), then the change of their name to SSD brought some changes to the straight edge beliefs of band members and music wise they walked a new music direction. All this shit plus some details about their days and times back in the early 80's and about Boston scene can be found in Kill From the Heart.
I'm not much in to hardcore and definitely i m not into straight edge (actually a beer is here by my keyboard while i am typing this crap and these militant kids of '80's are far away to kick away the ladder lol lol lol) but The kids have had their say is a rare and hard to get bootleg because of the limited number of copies so is worth to be here and more or less that's how the story goes: This bootleg came out in 1990 and consisted of six tracks recorded live back in 1982 at Buff Hall, Camden, New Jersey. SSD people weren't happy about this, they discovered who did the bootleg (Revelation Records), they managed to remove a part of pressed copies and the remaining pieces became rare. This is it! According to Flex! only 400 copies were made, 60 numbered copies came with lyric sheet and poster.
Thats the rant, thanks to Pete for this gem. Despite of being a rare shit i saw a guy in a forum selling it for only 5 bucks, a copy appeared in eBay some months ago.


mikxxx said...

fuck billy
the sound is very decent for a live one and it's raw. i agree with you that sXe music is fucking boring...though this is a good one

7inchcrust said...

Mike check Kill From The Heart link,there are some sick stories about sXe militancy and action against drinking punks and Boston scene vs NY scene. pathetic...
about the copy that appeared in eBay in August or July:the last time i checked it the price was near 30$ or so,it probably ended in 35 or 40$

mikxxx said...

yeah, i saw a documentary the other day ("the edge" i think was the name)and i can say that is by far a politics/state of life think that i can not relate to...another alternative subculture,,,

kanoume th fasoula mas kai eimaste kleismenoi ston eautoulh mas kai ola kala...(auto den paei s'olous tous sXe'rs alla se ena megalo kommati)

7inchcrust said...

100% agreed!!!!

to xe pei k o poihths:
"Punk's not dead it just deserves to die,when it becomes another stale cartoon, a closed-minded, self centered social club " -DK-Chickenshit Conformist

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