Orange World-Fun,noise and message 7"

Orange World were from Switzerland, they were a pre-Earth Citizens band: According to the text on back cover, they formed sometime in 1986-87 as Garbage Pail Kids, they played two gigs, they split,they formed back in 1990,they played two more gigs and finally they became Earth Citizens.
"Fun, noise and message" was recorded in July of '88 but wasn't released on vinyl until 2001 by Strongly Opposed Records and this is their one and only official release. There are five tracks here in rough mix coming from several demo recordings (there is a little mess :The short bio on back cover says they formed in '87 but "Bombs from the sky" is noticed as a recording from '86).
Music wise this is hardcore with some thrashing outbreaks ("Thrash attack") and slower parts ("Forever young") and there are moments they sound like a UK punk band("Holy war").
Lyrics are printed on cover, Ninja (vox/guit) wears a Napalm Death t-shirt in this photo so we know some of their inspiration (back in these days i had this Life? t-shit)
No much infos about Strongly Opposed Rec.s on the web, Earth Citizens appeared on "Think Globally,act locally" double 7" comp of Profane Existence in 1993 and some of their releases float on the web and can be found in obscure distros here and there.
I know this is going to be a let down:because of the funny name instead a Dis-whatever, the funny artwork instead some black/white anti-war stuff, because of the title, because its an unknown what?



Dig this.....

crustybeckham said...

Thanks for the post. I did not know this band but I really like Earth Citizens.

7inchcrust said...

things are different for me:i have this Orange World ep but i never heard anything from EC. maybe this is weird cos EC released a few records and not only a 7"
crustybeckham.. Beckham of crust? this is nice nick :)
thank you for the comment anyway.

Toxik Boys said...

Thanks!, nice post!

rayss said...

strongly opposed is run by a guy named pablo who is an old punk in switzerland he was in orange world and has released many great records including a great crusty band called protest from switzerland i have it but cant remember when they were together i'll post it someday aswell as the domo arigato 7'' on stongly opposed that is a band with pablo and some disclose members he is a super nice guy and totally punk since the early 80s he is against technology so thats whey he prolly doesnt have a website although a while back i got in touch with him on the profane existence message board so who knows i still need to write him a letter like we used to do many moons ago
thanks for the post
also strongly opposed used to be called resistence productions but i cant think of their releases right now
take care
ray ss

7inchcrust said...

thank rayss :)
Protest and Domo Arigaro sound interesting,(Disclose members? great!) i ll keep an eye on your blog on daily basis :)

Anonymous said...

some of the strongly opposed and other fine records you'll find here:
label/mailorder located in biel / switzerland