Kaaos/Svart Aggression - (split 7")

I promised this little, not-all-that-easy-to-find-anymore gem in the previous post (well, also in the Pack post over half a year ago...), & here it is: the Kaaos/Svart Aggression split 7" from 2000... A new blog, Friendly Party, will hopefully also be posting another rip of this same record soon - go get their copy as well, as this one has a few pops (not that they're audible amidst the mayhem...).

For a very brief history of Svart Aggression, see the Contravene/Svart Aggression split 7" post right below. For Kaaos, well, look pretty much anywhere (including wikipedia.) Finnish legends from Tampere in their first appearance on record for years (the 10" 'Ismit' followed); meanwhile, Jakke has sadly died, so don't expect more new Kaaos material. As for whether this is worth it or not, you'd have to be naive to think I'd pen a Kaaos review - listen to it & decide yourselves. Enjoy & pick this up wherever you find it!Svart Aggression
01::Vår Jord
02:Djuren lider
02:Who dies for who
04:Nazis and commies



7inchcrust said...

Excellent choice to follow up the previous post, Svart Aggression easily win and happily Nazis and commies is in Kaaos native language, i can't stand punks who talk in absolutes equalizing black and white..(i guess Kaaos do so there...)
(thats a good topic for a debate..)
well, looks like me have become a ghost town lately..but no matter the ups and downs in comments,no matter this ghost town thing that appears from time to time(don't get fooled by the 12 comment of previous post),more than one year has passed since we had the last zero comments post.
not bad at all...

sexy said...
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Anonymous said...

this has been a huge disappointment for me when i heard it for the first time a few years back. this new version of kaaos was a 3rd rate 90s crust core band. the other band isn't worth writing about. utterly boring!

Anonymous said...

is missing the link to download