Napalm Death-Untitled (a.k.a. Malignant trait)

ok,this has nothing to do with crust and the likes but i think none has problem with another Napalm Death rarity of early 90's. And when a second thought tells a lot of posts have nothing to do with crust and none complains, then its ok. :)
This shit was a limited edition 7" and was included in the initial copies of first pressing of the "Utopia Banished" lp(1992). Sometimes it was known as "Malignant trait",it consists four tracks of death metal/grindcore of "Utopia banished" and "Fear, emptiness, despair" era and is nothing less than a brutal heavy dual guitar attack, blast beats and the deep low grows of Barney's vocular armaggedon about mutant inner and outer worlds . It came out in a simple folder with no cover artwork and its about 7:30" total running time. These tracks also included in the japanese version of "The world keeps turning" ep in MCD and in "Noise for music's sake" double CD comp. (Actually these tracks are taken from "Noise for music's sake").
And just because there is no cover artwork here, take a look at the ND family tree and bang your head
1:One and the same
2:Sick and tired
3:Malignant trait
4:Killing with kindness


Pogel said...

Thanks for the family tree, its very interesting to see all the interrealaionships. Some classic bands there. As you know I posted this ep back in September. I'll have to post some of the other bands including Head Of David.

7inchcrust said...

oh, thanks for remind me this! i had this thought i ve seen this ep somewhere but couldn't remember where, yeah i ve made a comment there.:)
yeah bring some ND related bands!a post of Head Of David would be great!

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with crust but it's great to see Carcass and Napalm Death early stuff. No matter with that. It's classic (real) grindcore anyway! Just listen to the bullshits that are being called "grind" nowadays...