Makiladoras-Niemand weet wat de toekomst brengt 10"

from their website:
"Maquiladoras (or as we write: Makiladoras) are free-trade zones in Mexico. ‘Free’ means free to exploit, the workers in this kind of places don’t have any rights. At the Drive-In made a song about the Maquiladoras and especially about the many women that were murdered when they were traveling to their job...."
A slight correction here: Maquiladoras there are everywhere around the globe:latin America, Indochina, east Europe,wherever exploitation becomes a inhuman routine under government protection and the eyes of the public in western world never see, the voice can never be heard and apathy rules. The greatness of neoliberalism...

"Niemand weet wat de toekomst brengt 10" was recorded in 2001 and released in 2003 by a bunch of labels from Netherlands, France, Spain and Germany:UPS,DP(Or Not DP), Malinke,Svaveldioxid,LUX,Squawk and Pozoin Banaketak. 2000 copies were pressed and sold out. The band moves in their well know paths of metal edged crust blending swedish crust and death metal riffs (Dismember and the likes) with some traces of From Ashes Rise of Tragedy here and there and the yelling vocals of Eva. The artwork is excellent as always in Makiladoras records and includes a photocopied booklet with photos, lyrics, translations in English and song descriptions,special thanks and some texts
In 2005 two Malaysian labels(Bullwhip Records,Cactus Records) put out a discography cd including the 10", the tracks from split 7" w Radio Bikini and two extra tracks(from compilation and unreleased)
Makiladoras was formed in 1999 and after some line ups changes, lack of willingness to go on and personal problems they disbanded after their final show on Trashfest 11 in Hoogeveen on 24th June 2006 ,
In 2004 they became the first Dutch d.i.y. band to tour Israel while a new lp/cd called "Niemandsland" is going to come out in 2008 by Profane Existence
check their website for more details
1: Buiten schot
2: Werk is religie
3: Verloren zaak
4: Misdaad loont
5: Vriend en vijand
6: Wijken voor de rijken
7: Veenbrand

Makiladoras-Niemand weet wat ..


Anonymous said...

Jaaaa!!! Kraak/st aktie! Bedankt hoor :P !

Anonymous said...

Super awesome band!! the pissed off vox and the thick riffing made this to one of my favourite bands right away.
sucks that they decided to split up last year, so I'll never catch them live.
their other material is offered on their homepage for free download!! go there: