Motorhead-Iron fist 7"

Ok,Thats the situation here: Snow is everywhere,cloudy days and cold winternights and booze to keep you warm, Christmas is on the way but their spirit can't get me,(not Xmass-ed yet!) so lets loose and put something you don't expect: Keeping it formal in seven inches but something different to the usual crust/hardcore/whatever punk you have seen here...but i guess there is noone out there who doesn't like Motorhead.Is there anyone?
Iron Fist was the first Motorhead record i ever had, it was back in mid 80's my metal years:Iron Maiden,Judas Priest,Twisted Sister,Slayer,Metallica etc and i had no any relation with punk or hardcore, furthermore didn't know anything about "crust". So when i first heard it i didn't like this punk-ish metal and this dirty sound, so i put the record in the back places of my collection but a few years latter came the time when my music universe came upside down and Motorhead took the place they deserved in the top of my faves.
Iron fist(lp) was the last Motorhead record with Fast Eddie handling guitar duties and because of some problems inside the band is not highly regarded by Lemmy and the rest Motorhead,but not for the fans who consider this as another legendary record the old glorious days. The Iron Fist posted here is a single consisting the eponymous track and Remember me i'm gone, it was released by Bronze in spring of 1982 in blue and red vinyl and was produced by Will Reid-Dick and Eddie Clarke.
"Remember me i m gone" on b-side appears as bonus track in the 2001 cd version along with alternative versions of some original tracks, it also appears in the CD package of Iron Fist (2o05,Sanctuary).
1. Iron fist
2. Remember me i m gone


Unknown said...

Rob Johnson uses Rapidshare, so it's quite a limited dload session. I got this ep thru your blog. 7inchcrust kick ass blog man, a lot of rare & out of print EPs here. You should consider putting the free shoutbox on the main page...Cheers crusties...

Anonymous said...

hey now, you did it very well on these foggy cold days. Like a good spit of fire, this EP is. A tru one, and it is a good idea to mix some good metal wi the crust. And do not feel lonely as you HAVE friends, so many spidrs are sucking tracks from 7inch crust

Anonymous said...

Haha when i first saw this on here i was like what? then i thought to myself ya, i do like motorhead. Why don't you like christmas or is it just the spirit of it all? Anayways, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great! I freaked out too when i saw this here - wtf? I never liked Motorhead (except for when i was 17 or so & used to go crazy when Orgasmatron was on the radio!), but this is a cool post. OK, need to practice my crustmas carols now - it been snowing here too, for the past few days & it's great!