Agathocles/Patareni-split 7"

AG/Patareni split was released in 1993 by Enemy Music Records and it its another split ep in the endless record list of AG, this time with the croatian pioneers of grind Patareni. Believe it or not, this time AG do not sound chaotic or lost in sonic paranoia:They contribute two tracks with midpaced tempos creating a harsh hardcore grind combination easily listenable, for some weird reason, the first song reminds me of Benediction's Subconscious terror lp Barney on vocals. On the other side of vinyl, Patareni's first song is an Extreme Noise Terror cover(Murder) and sounds ok, what's coming next is four tracks with midpaced/faster parts and a few blasting parts, even with some melodic moments giving you a few seconds to loose... And when the record is over your ears do not bleed and your head is ok and is not going to blast. Yellow vinyl, an inlay is included with lyrics texts with some explanations and special thanks(Patareni's text is in Croatian)
1:Rejected adaption
2:An abstarct

2:Debeli fasist
4:Dojdi se jebat protif mene


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An awesome record!

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Two of my favorites bands sharing a vinyl, what else could I expect if not a blast?
Agathocles love to mix all the styles in Punk/HC/Grindcore which became their so called Mincecore.

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