Catharsis-st 7"

I ve been working all day again and i m tired to death so no much blah blah here, gonna write some bullshit and then bed time. i will never understand the worker's pride, skinheads talk about: i m not proud of working for a capitalistic parasite to make him more rich, i m not proud of working in general, i m forced to work, chained by the structure of a society based on exploitation. Well, this is a long long story and i could write a lot of bullshit,maybe some other time..
Now about Catharsis: I m pissed off and i m on the mood to write some shit and not keep it short this time and this ep is the soundrack of warth:Catharsis were a respective member of "holy terror", they formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1994 and were active from 1994 to 2002. The band was involved with the anarchist decentralized collective Crimethinc through Brian D(vox) and members went on later with acts such as Wall of Jericho, Requiem, Zegota, 3Inches of Blood, Undying and Trial
This ep was posted on Am i mean? blog a few weeks ago but the temptation is strong, Pope gave his wishes so i can't resist and i put it here. It was released in 1995 by Endless Fight Records and delivers four tracks of what was called holy terror (a blending of metalcore and crust of His Hero Is Gone and Neurosis)
1. In the belly of the demon
2. What the thunder said
3. Ritualized
4. Isaac

i removed the link, get it from Pope here
Looking for more Catharsis? Go here and here and here and here
and here for the lyrics. many thanks to papst Benedikt


Papst Benedikt XVI said...

1st songs called IN THE BELLY OF THE DEMON!
if you´d like to have the lyrics drop me a line! should have an old CATHARSIS interview where Brian explains some of the more abstract lyrics (angels bleed out of their wounds demons out of mine...things like this) and reading this interview changed my point of view on them a lot in some cases (and discussing them with brian)!

7inchcrust said...

thanks papst, i just edited it.
yes i d appreciated it if you could put somewhere here the lyrics. Catharsis were no straight political, i mean they had this lyrical content so much different from the usual crust/anarchopunk stuff

Jantzen Caylor said...

dude! im fucking PUMPED on this, thank you so much, i mean, its not as good as actually owning it, but at least i get to hear it again.

vrugitz said...

hey! this is not Catharsis related comment, but i keep forgetting to ask you... do you have more stuff from Incriminated, or could you recommend me some similar bands?

7inchcrust said...

sorry but i can't help you:i haven't any record from Incriminated,theis split is posted because of the crust past of Nuclear Winter and i have no any interesting on bands of this genre

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

forgott to tell you: it´s just the lyrics! besides the lyrics the booklet has some more (religious) images and a long Nietsche text! b.t.w. the lyrics are all political just dig through the religious surface! AMEN!

7inchcrust said...

thanks again! i m gonna put the lyrics here as small pics sometime
and by the way:does anyone know anything about these Incriminated? 9according to Sean (Damaging Noise blog) I is Sami from Katastrofilaue/Sivillimurha and 20 other bands).here's the lyrics of their recent split w barbatos (jp):
"Hear the roar
Of the metalbirds In the sky
White and blue
Blue swastikas on wings of steel
Finnish and German
Side by side
Bombing the red threat
From the sky"
great! finnish and nazis side by side fighting the red commies! but there also this notice on Encyclopedia metallium:
"If you think Incriminated are nazis for dealing with historical topics, then you are nazi yourself!"
wtf is going on here? i suspect is the usual "connection" of BM genre with such hazy nationalistic ideals, if anyone knows more about them (i m not into BM at all)i 'd appreciated a comment here.. thanks

vrugitz said...

ok, thanks anyway. wasn't really obsessed with them, just liked the noise they make. and thanks for all the greek crust punk! i've received a dvd from a friend from thesaloniki filled with both old/new greek punk bands. got any recomendations?

7inchcrust said...

Panikos (crust), Anatellon Tromos (metallic techincal crust), Chaotic End (crust), Antidrasi (hc), Hibernation (Xeimeria Narkh), Anasa Stahti(Ashen Breath), Xhmikh Epidimia (Chemical epidemy, Crust/grind),Athigganoi tou Sympantos (Stateless in the Universe,, hc/crust), check the mp3 section

azcrustie said...

vrugitz: check also Valpourgia Nyhta, Epithanatios Roghos, Rats In A Maze, Shit Hit The Fan (& quite a few others i've no time to mention...)

vrugitz said...

thanks a lot for the info!!!!:))))) some i know all ready but most of them are completely new to me.

michael said...

thanks for this! catharsis are definitely one of my all-time faves. seeing them a few times back in the day really changed my whole idea of what political punk really could be... i love most of the stuff they've done with CrimethInc. too, especially books like "Days of War, Nights of Love" and "Evasion". definitely worth checking out.

WarsNoFun said...

Just noticed you had this for download. I'm friends with B and saw Requiem once (they played my fest) and was blown away by their energy and raw power. B is in a new band doing vocals/guitar with a dude named Geoff from Pittsburgh on drums and Steve from Network Of Terror on bass. Geoff is in another band from Pittsbburgh (i think) but the name slips my mind. Anyways, they're really fucking killer and are on tour right now (without any recordings mind you!). HIGHLY recommended you check them out seeing and in my opinion they're starting to surpass all of B's old bands. No joke. Seeing From The Depths is like viewing something you know you're not supposed to. 5 people who all love each other and write extremely inspiring political and personal lyrics. I've been floored by them and I have seen them I think somewhere around 6 times in the past 3 months. SUUUUCCCHHHH a good band...