Brutal Truth/Spazz-split 7"

Brutal grindcore vs manic powerviolence: Brutal Truth from NY, was formed as Danny Lilker's side project in early 90's but their atrocious aggression and brutality turned Lilker's project into the grindcore gods we all know. They released several records and were embraced by fans of different genres: Grindcore, death metal. Industrial and Hardcore They disbanded in 1998 shortly before the release of Goodbye Cruel World but reunited in 2006. check their Myspace for more infos and details about their 2007 tour.
Spazz were an powerviolence band with members active also in great powerviolence bands such as Scholastic Deth, Capitalist Casualties,Burn Your Bridges and What Happens Next?. Vocalist/bassist Chris Dodge runs Slap a Ham Records and Max Ward (drummer) runs 625 Thrashcore
Brutal Truth offer three tracks of grindcore noisy guitars and groaning vocals in a raw and ruthless attack: Foolish bastard and Pork farm are alternative versions of the Sounds of the animal kingdom songs and Rumours is a cover version of Die Kreuzen. Spazz offer three tracks too in a powerviolence inferno of shouting and screaming vocals, fast beating rhythm section and nice changes from fast to slower parts. Released in 1996 on Bovine/Rhetoric, 4000 copies were made, in many vynil/cover combinations.
Brutal Truth side:
1. Pork farm
2. Rumors
3. Foolish bastard
4. Spazz vs. mother nature
5. Nuge on a stick
6. Donker


Curious Guy said...

A gift to you. Here's the Warmachine 'European Tour 7", released in 2000. There are 2 scans of the frontsleeve in the file so feel free to post this on your blog.
Take care.

7inchcrust said...

Awesome!!! this is great! i thought i never find stuff of this list! a big THANKS dude!:)

Anonymous said...

the cover of the spazz side is amazing. kien 'donger' lieu shows his skills.