S.D.S.-Never arise 7"

S.D.S. were a heavy crust legend from Gifu City,Japan, they formed in 1987,sometimes they were called "the Antisect of Japan". Their discography is :Never Arise 7", Into the Void lp(1992, never saw the light of day as official release, it was never fully recorded, finnished songs came out on 12" in a limited number of copies), Scum System Kill 7" (1996,Mangroove), Ameber cd/12" ep (1998,MCR) a split 7" w Hong Kong Knife (1999,Tiger Hole Range) and Digital Evil In Your Life 10" (1999,Chelsea Records). They also appeared in several compilations such as Must Get To The Power Of Defence For (1989,MCR), Crust and Anguished Life from 1993, I will take No Orders From Anyone (1991 Vinyl Japan,incl, DONDON,Idora,etc), Meaningful Consolidation 2x7" and others. The Past and Future 2 cd discography includes their recorded material from the beginning to Scum System Kill days, in other words, it consists of the S.D.S. metallic crust era:In Ameber,follow up to Scum System Kill they started adding some metal elements in their music. There is also a cd version of Past and Future, it is called Butcher and was released by Mandatory Recordings and includes the same tracks
Never Arise was released in 1990 by MCR, its the first S.D.S. record and its a record that could be recorded by Amebix or Axegrinder or Antisect: A sheet with credits/special thanks (and Hell storm lyrics as well) is included and the "mega special thanx" to Discharge, Amebix and Antisect is the proof of what you are gonna get here: Heavy, stenching metallic crust with mid-paced and fast beat, heavy riffs influenced by the UK's crust masters and rough vocals, even
the version of Distort hope which appears in Scum System Kill has the heavy metallic mood that floods the record. Lyrics deal with topics about aspects of war, cover artwork is black and white. MCR Company pressed 1500 copies and is needless to say that this is a collectors piece of vinyl.
02:Distort hope
05:Never arise
06:Neo wargasm


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for all of this stuff. If you have anything by ABC Diabolo, could you please post it?

convertido said...

You have outdone yourself with this posting. SDS have to be my absolute favortire band when it comes to this genre of music, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

good one, you should post scum system kill.

7inchcrust said...

i have Give Rise A Doubt lp from ABC's. i tried to upload it today but something happened when 97% was completed and my pc was shut down,(a joke on me from my pc for the April's fools day i guess..) i will try again,its not going to be posted on the front page(it is not 7") so check the comments of this post, i will upload it and post the link here.
Scum System Kill is great 7",its going to be posted soon :)

7inchcrust said...

ok,here we go:"ABC Diavolo - Give Rise To Doubt" lp:
go get it!

Slobodan Burgher said...

nice! thank you

7inchcrust said...

ABC Diabolo-Last Intoxication Of Senses


Anonymous said...

my life is complete now..Thanks for Never Arise SDS.. CRUST!!!!!!

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