Homomilitia/Forca Macabra-split 7"

Homomilitia were a political hardcore/crust band with dual male female vocals from Poland. The band was formed in early 90's and released a couple of lp's and this split ep with Forca Macabra. The lady who sings here latter joined the ranks of doomy metallic crusties Lost.
Forca Macabra come from Brazil.. guh.. guh.. i mean they come from Finland. Formed in 1991, they have lyrics in Portuguese, their music is dedicated to the brazilian hardcore scene and they are still active and keep thrashing....
Homomilitia offer here two tracks of crusty hardcore with dual male vocals in "Ziema" and male/female in "Multinationals". Fast hardcore crust, aggressive vocals, politicals lyrics in polish and good sound production. Forca Macabra offer four tracks and i think this stuff comes from a demo recording. Gruff vocals,
fast rhythms, noisy guitars, raw production and the familiar Brazilian touch of their hardcore. An insert is included with lyrics of both bands and translation in english for Homomilitia's texts . Released by Malarie Records, 1994
Homomilitia side:
1. Ziema
2. Multinationals

Forca Macabra side:
Eu nao preciso do sistema
4. Alma sofredora
5. Sofrer demais
6. Chorando a guerra


Jeff Coons said...

Awesome! Do you have any more Homomilitia? I have their album Niszcz Rasizm, Ale Najpierw w Swojej Gowie which is great and have been looking for more.

Anonymous said...

hell yeah, thanks a lot for this! i had twoje cialo twoj wybor, but i lost ist :(

Anonymous said...

TWOJE CIALO, TWOJ WYBOR - download from http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KE5WKNZ9

Anonymous said...

do you have something of ASPIRIN FEAST?

Anonymous said...

i also have homomilita :
Niszcz Rasizm Ale Najpierw W Swojej Głowie live [1995]
Unreleased Session [2004]
Homomilitia / Disclose - Attack The Enemy split 7'' [1995]