Wärfear/Braincëll-Brainfeär split 7"

Here we got an amazing record: Brainfeär is a split 7" with Wärfear and Braincëll, both bands come from Malaysia and the record was co-released by Hardcore Hell and Deleted Records.
Wärfear hail from Malacca and members carry a history in bands such as Antiprotokol, Melarat, Kerenaneko, Osmantikos, Grin(d)amage and Demisor, this is their first vinyl release after the amazing demo tape from 2016 and the recent split live tape with Parötid. Here they contribute two songs of metallic crust blending the melody and the crust heaviness of Wolfpack with the '90's Anti Cimex guitar work: Heavy, metallic guitar sound with melodic yet epic lines, rough shouted vocals that makes you stand up and sing the lyrics and excellent sound quality. Everything is perfect here and i wish only there were more songs, the band is so good and the five minutes of their side are not enough for my ears.
On the other side we got Braincëll who released the great Mindlock tape in 2016 and that was released as 7" with one extra song by Tampere Hardcore in 2018. Here they deliver three songs of noisy 90's UK crust blending Doom and Extinction of Mankind in an amazing way by bringing distorted guitar and bass while the deep low throatty vocals reminding of Extreme Noise Terror.
All and all this is a great record and both bands deliver the goods in a brilliant release. Brainfeär is available from Hardcore Hell and Deleted Records and directly from the bands and also for streaming in bandcamp. Artwork by Yeap the Human Warhead.
Wärfear is four piece band now, next work for them is a split 7" with Singapore's punk vets Protest and a split cassette with their country mates  Emerged and for Braincëll next comes a split 7" with Zikade from Japan. Can't wait for these!

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