Despair-Visions of the Inferno LP

One more LP posted here, an amazing record from a now defunct band who brought this masterpiece a year ago, so get ready for some absolut Discharge worship now: Despair were a rather  short lived D-beat band from Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, the band was formed in 2015 by members of  Decontrol, Total War, Dodsfalla, Genogeist, Dead Hunt and Suss-Law and  they released a 9 track demo tape in 100 copies, the demo was sold quickly and its hard to find a copy now, then we had to wait three year until this belter came out:
Visions Of The Inferno is the one and only official release of Despair, it was released in 2018 by Brain Damage in 500 copies, 350 black and 150 blue vinyls, it was mastered by Kenko (No Security, Dischange, Meanwhile etc) at Communichaos Clay Station and comes in old school artwork reminding of the old Discharge releases and the music is exactly the same: The record consists of eight tracks that last eighteen minutes and deliver old school D-beat coming straight from the days of Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing and Never Again: Old school guitar sound, followed by muffled bass lines and a singer who tries to sing like Cal. Its obvious the band got into the studio just to bring this old spirit,  they managed to capture the vibe and delivered the goods.
All and all, Despair was a band formed by some guys who got together and wanted to bring something that sounds like the old Discharge records and the result is truly amazing. Visions of the Inferno is still available from several distros around the globe (Profane Existence, Sorry State, Soap ans Spikes, Puke n Vomit,Vox Nihili etc etc). There is not any official site of the band, members continue in other bands.



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Braddie said...

This is a really awesome piece, dude. You are doing great so far. Keep going.