Betong Hysteria-Spontan abort 7"

Next posts will bring some oldies and the first is a jewel from Norway: Betong Hysteria(concrete hysteria) was the first punk band in Norway and Spontan abort (Spontaneous abortion) was their one and only release back in 1983 on Mind Expanding Records. Apart from this they appeared in Fremtiden er nå! compilation lp(1983,Nå Records), Song of Norway (1983,Den Onde Sirkel) and in posthumous Anarki & Kaos: Norsk Punk '79-81 (1992,Voices of Wonter) and Hurra For Norge-Norsk Pønk-Rock 1979-86, Vol2 (2007,Svindel).Members went on in bands such as Lust-O-Rama, Kaare & Partiet and Siste Dagers Hellige
Music wise Spontan abort delivers five tracks of in-your-face, pissed and raging hardcore, here is a well written review in Kill From The Heart :
This killer release clearly shows rage and angst against society and the system the way it should be done. The first track "Snuten Kommer" ("The Pigs Are Coming") is about the violent police, always showing up with their handy riot gear. "Du Er Et Ledd I" ("You're A Chain In The...") is filled with contempt against people being just another tool for the system. "Det Er Bare Løgn" ("It's All Just Lies"), well it is, isn't it? "Mitt Eget Liv" ("My Own Life"), the title says it all. "Sipoene Ser Deg" ("The Sipo Are Watching You") is about being watched by the government, here called the Sipo after the WW2 Nazi monitoring branch. You have to pay a lot of money if you want the original 7" but according to Flo of Heart Fist there is a legit re-release on the way. This news dates back to September 2001, and I still haven't seen any release though. There is however a lot of bootlegs floating about".
Just to add here that the legit re-release (with bonus track and same artwork) was on Hit Me! Records.
1. Snuten Kommer ("The Cops Are Coming")
2. Du Er Et Ledd I ("You're A Part Of")
3. Det Er Bare Løgn ("It's Only Lies")
4. Mitt Eget Liv ("My Own Life")
5. Sipoene Ser Deg ("The Cops Are Watching You")


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Betong Hysteria fuckin rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Norwegian Black Metal Fuck Off!!! :p

7inchcrust said...

ti allo tha doume....

Torgeir said...

Betong Hysteria wasn't the first Norwegian hardcore band. Fader War from Bergen had four songs on a compilation named Ingenting for Norge, released in either '81 or '82. The songs were originally meant to be released on a 7", which would have been preferred, because the rest of this comp isn't that great. Raw d-beat with raw and perfect production. The song Religiøs terror (Religious Terror) has also been covered by Disclose on a 7" put out in 2004.

I do love Betong Hysteria though, and this fine record is a part of my personal collection.

7inchcrust said...

thanks for correcting me and for all the infos, once again i reproduced a mistake floating on the web "possibly the first Norwegian hardcore band",thanks anyway :)