Disprove-st 7"

Well, i got this deja vu: Wile preppearing this post i discovered Pope posted this a few months ago...A thing like that happened again in Beyond Description post (check the comment discussion) but now i got a lousy excuse here to post this:Pope's divshare account has reached the limit, so let's go! :)
Step one:this band has a Dis name. Step two:they have a Discharge-like logo. Step three:You dont have to play these mp3's to understand this is a Discharge clone...
Disprove hail from Tokyo Japan and this is their eponymous ep released by Forest Records. All i know about Disprove is their st ep and a split 7" with Avgrund from Slovakia (Forest Records) and according to Pope they had some Beyond Description members (bassist and guitarist handling the vocals while the singer plays bass).
So these dudes come from Japan but there's no trace of Burning spirits/japcore here but just Dischargy raw d-beat. This came out on white and black vinyl, a sheet was included with lyrics texts and yes, Pop's right:"Survive your war" is "Protest to survive".
I have nothing more to say since i don't know anything more about Disprove, if you know any further info about these guys, make a comment and enlighten us
1:Eraced race
2:Not what you said
3:Deep mist
4:Survive your war
5:Killing means nothing


Dan said...

Hi guys,

According to Hideyuki (Beyond Description´s vocals and Disprove´s bass), there´s the possibility of Disprove re-unite as a band, but, who knows? We´ve that wait to see.

Do you have the split 7" w/ Uvgrund? Do someone have it? If possible, I will like of it!!!!

Thanx ´n´ cheers!

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

mine was on black wax!

7inchcrust said...

well, here is Avgrund/Disprove split
thanks to the guy from dis burning spirits cult forum

black wax? then this is a completely different post ;)
by the way, Jeniger & World Chaos - split rulzz

justin said...

Pretty much exactly as you desribed, good Dis stuff. This stuff will make your hair spikey. Thanx

Dan said...

Thank you very very much man!!

Anonymous said...

Besides the Discharge comparisons, it also has the same cover than genetic control's lp.

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

GENETIC CONTROL´s 12" cover is just the cover of their 7".

Anonymous said...

It's Avgrund not Uvgrund. Avgrund is swedish for abyss, chasm.

7inchcrust said...

thanks :)

sexy said...
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Anonymous said...

There also seems to exist a hannover/germany based band called Disprove. Some sort of supergroup project.
They should get sued for stealing the name...