Rhino Charge-st & Magrudergrind/Godstomber-split

Will from To Live A Lie Records made a comment a few weeks ago and kindly offered some ep's to our blog. So here they are.
To Live A Lie is a Raleigh NC based grindcore, thrash, and powerviolence label. In other words a label about noisy music including some well known bands such as Agathocles, Bloody Phoenix and Unholy Grave, and bands from obscure scenes (Malaysia, Indonesia etc)

There s 'a media section in TLAL webpage with a couple of samplers and two out of print ep's: the Rhino Charge-st 7" and Magrudergrind / Godstomber-split 7".
Rhino Charge hail from Thousand Oaks, California and exist no more as band. They were a two piece grindcore/power-violence act and the st (2005) is their debut vinyl. Check their myspace for details about their bio and discog. Their grinding powerviolence is brutal and ferocious but to be honest, their tracks on their myspace,taken from their split w Milwaukee crusties Protestant bring a better level of noise to my ears but thats just my shitty opinion right now.

Magrudergrind come from Washington, DC and Godstomper from California. Magrudergrind's grindcore has this old school feeling with stops and goes and slower parts while Godstomber(bass n drums) deliver the most extreme-in-your-face grind with high-pitched vocals manic guitar-like riffs and hyperspeeding drumming
Will included a txt file with infos about the bands,the vinyl pressing (yeah! there was a limited orange vinyl version!) and the lyrics(Magrudergrind win the lyrics contest)
Both records came out in 2005 and the split was a To live A Lie and Nuclear BBQ Party Records split release.
Thanks to Will and apologize for being too late to post these shits, cheers

Go get them here


Anonymous said...
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Will Butler said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I dig the blog, keep being awesome.

7inchcrust said...

we thank you Will and keep the keep the good work:), we had added you in the label list since you commented but yesterday while i was posting this, i discovered that TLAL link wasn't there (weird..),its ok now :)

Anonymous said...

Great post from a great site. Thanx for my dose of the hard stuff, cool label too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Will!!!

Anonymous said...

The guitarist and the drummer of Rhino Charge recently formed Arctic Choke(www.myspace.com/arcticxchoke) and Protestant has new LP called "The Hate, The Hollow" on their singer's own Halo of Flies Label(www.myspace.com/halooffliesrcds).
To Live a Lie is a great label, keep up the good work Will.

fabandal said...

thx bro!
great post...
cheers from indonesia!

Pablo said...

Thank you so much for share!!!.


_____FuNeRaL FuNnY
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7inchcrust said...

you should thank Will from To Live A Lie Records,he offered this record :)